Monday, October 1, 2012

31 days of Clothes and Chatter

So all across my parts of the internets my "friends" are linking up and doing this cool thing where they blog about a specific topic for the entire 31 days of October. As much as I'd love to participate in the link up and actually blog about something of real substance that's deep or heartfelt, October is just a crazy month for my family. And let's face it, blogging is not something I do on a weekly basis even as it is.
With that said, I thought it would be a fun month to *try* and blog daily snip its of our life, even if it's a rather shallow topic I choose. So, I'm going to attempt to log in once a day and share.....
"clothes and chatter" from the little people I love the most.

Our month is full of fall festivities, Disney World, and Judd's first birthday so I know there will be at least a few days of fun outfits I'd love to keep record of. And Ava and Judd are at such a fun and unique stage that I'd also like to jot down anything funny/interesting I hear/see them do for the day.
So that's that.
Now, you guys just have to keep me motivated to blog daily. If it happens and I'm successful, we just may see the heavens part on day 32. You never know!

Day One: Frankie Guy and Frankie Girl. (sorry they are such bad quality pics)

Posting these pictures reminded me to go Shout the bad boys because we ate spaghetti and pizza for lunch. Momma's shallow heart can't handle stained Halloween clothing this early in the game.

Funny chatter: Ava tells me "Mom, I really like to tell you when I toot." Me: "Ava that is very strange." Ava: "But it makes me laugh when you always say 'Thanks for sharing, Ava.' "

Yes, we are in the lovely stage of being obsessed with bodily functions and toot noises. It's driving me nuts.

Ahhh. So there is day one down. Happy October 1st!!


  1. Umm, HIIIII Beautiful!!!!!!!!

    Oh look at those cute outfits!! I wonder where you got them?!?

    Love the tooting story from Ava. Gosh, she is a girl after my own heart! I need a phone chat with her soon! Love that little munchkin!!!

  2. Hahaha!! I can SO hear you telling her that!! Love her. :) they are precious as always!

  3. hahaha!!! she and libbi would be quite the pair. that girl loves her some toots.
    and i love it that y'all call it a "toot" too - hahaha!

  4. Hilarious!! And I love those outfits. And YOU look gorgeous.

  5. umm, how gorgeous are you?!?! also? i am dying for these outfits! why do i always see this stuff so late in the season? can we start some sort of alert system where you text me to check your page?


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