Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Judd's First Birthday {the birthday boy & his guests}

Thank you for all the sweet sweet comments on his party decor. I feel so incredibly swamped and am drowning in emails at the moment but I appreciate the time you take to comment. This week has been nonstop and I am so ready for the weekend to get here so I can breathe and recharge my batteries. Whew!
Anyway, on to more exciting subjects such as this...

Sidenote: I had planned on taking all the pictures of his party myself but as soon as everyone started arriving Judd wanted nothing to do with anyone but his momma and he did NOT want me to put him down. Needless to say, I didn't get the last minute things set up exactly as I wanted and I most definitely didn't get to snap pictures. I think I got maybe 5 pictures total with my camera! As soon as Sarah arrived I asked her to take some pictures and some pictures turned into ALL of the pictures. And as always, she outdid herself. These pictures she sent me all look PROFESSIONAL! They ARE professional as far as I'm concerned. I seriously owe that girl my thirdborn child. Although I'm sure she would gladly decline an offspring of my genetics. HAHA! Thanks again Sarah!!!!!

I sent out about 23 invitations to close friends and family. We had maybe 25 people total and it was a perfect amount!! Not too overwhelming and enough people were there to eat all of the food. Haha!!! That's a great turnout in my books.

Some of our favorite people!

Our family of four ready to sing Happy Birthday and a close up of Judd's party day outfit! It was a smocked superhero shortall I ordered from Anavini before I knew if Judd was going to be a he or a she. I just LOVE this piece.

I got Judd's birthday hat and bib from here. It's the same place I used for Ava's first birthday and I am just a sucker for tradition. They never disappoint and have the BEST quality.
Speaking of Ava's first birthday...let's compare.

Both kids love to be sang to. Especially when an entire room is singing to them. Ahhh love it! Just look at that face. He is soaking it all in and loving every minute of it!

Checking out his rather LARGE smash cake. It was a white star cake.

He had a hard time getting into the cake and it was a tad difficult for him to eat, so we gave him a cupcake instead and he gobbled that up in seriously 10 seconds! Love his faces and all the different expressions Sarah captured.

He thought he was big time getting to eat that sugar all up and make a big mess!

Yayyyyyyy for messes!!!

And yayyyy for Daddy cleaning it all up because momma was "busy".

Mr. Man was even nice enough to share some of his cake with his favorite people.

I'd say he enjoyed his first birthday, wouldn't you? Thanks again to all those that came out to celebrate with us and thanks to all of you who are such an important part of Judd's life. We love you and are blessed by you.


  1. i love all of these pictures. looks like he had a blast!!

  2. Pretty! Pretty! Very cute blog, I have also booked one of the venues in NYC for my daughter’s 1st birthday, it is a grand celebration, because it’s my parent’s anniversary also. Well, it is grand every year only. I love your blogs, they are very simple and cute.


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