Monday, September 27, 2010


Ummm how cute is that little cowgirl?!?!?!
I just love this cutie on a tractor picture!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Where we lay our heads

Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show us where you live" and today features master bedrooms. I thought I would play along this week since our bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in our little house.

So, come on in to our bedroom!
This is from the door, looking into our room.

I just changed out the bedspread yesterday too, thus another reason why I wanted to play along this week!
Believe it or not, this bedspread set came from my mom. She wanted me to sell it and I decided I'd keep it. I'm not too crazy about it, but I do like the change and it was "FREE.99" as I like to call it.
I doubt it can stay white/cream color for long with Ava's sippy cups and yogurt fingers!
Here is a closer pic of the bed and Aaron's side.

This is the picture that you see above our headboard. It was Ava at 11 months. I just love this picture!!

Another picture of Aaron's side and a view into our bathroom.

That glider was from when Ava was born and Aaron got to pick it out. It's leather and the color of our house for the most part. It went in our living room since it DID NOT match her room at all. Then, as toys started taking over, we moved the glider in here. Sometimes Aaron likes to escape back here and watch Survivor or The Apprentice in that chair.

Here is our dresser/mirror and hutch. On the left is our engagement picture and our wedding guests signed it. It's a keeper for sure.

On the dresser are pictures in glass/jeweled frames. I love those frames a ton and try to buy any I see that I just HAVE to HAVE when they are 50% off at Hobby Lobby.
This is our filing cabinet on that back wall as well (for lack of space in my house it goes here and it matches our furniture okay). I have some special keepsakes on this cabinet.

The candle is a memory candle and it burned on our wedding day as a tangent object to signify my dad's "presence" although he was absent. It reads, "In Loving Memory. This light shines as a symbol of a life and love remembered. Bob McCaslin"
He died when I was 15 and it was so hard for me to imagine him not walking me down the aisle. This candle meant so much, although it is just a candle. I hope to always have that candle. It had a fancy ribbon tied in the middle.
Guess who took that off and misplaced it?? The other is a photo album of Ava's birth. It doesn't match my room at all. It matches hers and I hope to one day put it in her room when I know she won't destroy it to shreds.
This is my side of bed. WE ARE ADDICTED to the humidifier's white noise. Can't sleep without it. And yes, it's an eyesore in that room. But I don't really care.

The picture up is of me in my wedding dress. I've heard that once you have children you should take all your wedding pictures down and replace them with family and chilren pics. But we plan to move soon anyway, and we only got married 4 years ago so we still have time in my eyes.
And I like to break the rules. If there really is such a rule. Has anyone else heard that before??
Thanks for taking a peak into our room! It was fun to share.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ava is such an unfortunate child.
She never gets to have any fun at all!
Poor girl went to two parks last week. An outdoor park and an indoor park. All within 24 hours in fact.
On Wednesday, after music class (poor girl, again) I took her to Tillery Park and it was a pretty cool place! Minus the fact that it wasn't cool in temperature at all.

She had such a fun time climbing the ropes and such. She would look at me and say "Wook Mommy. I doooooooo it all by myself!"

I made her nice and dizzy on this piece of equipment I cannot think of what it is called at the moment. Merry go round??

We also did a little swinging before we melted.

(I love those cheeks of hers!)

On Thursday we went to an indoor park, The Safari Park, with Angie and Hayden.

Angie and I rode the train that went around in a very SMALL circle, and got rather "train sick". The lady that was running the train ride was asking about animals and what sounds they made. She was naming all the safari animals, respectively. Then, she was all "What sound does a puppy dog make?" Ummmm, I could be very wrong, but last I checked a puppy dog didn't live in the safari. Maybe she is more informed than I...
We hopped off the tiny train and went to ride the mechanical elephant and mechanical zebra.

Let me rephrase that. Ava and Hayden rode the mechanical safari animals! Haha! They were cute, and I little creepy at the same time!
Hayden wasn't as big of a fan as Ava.
They also had a little playground area with a slide and germy little ball pit like back in the days at Chuck E Cheeses!

As soon as they got in there Ava's nose started to run. Coincidence? Not sure! Haha.
They did a little jumping on this fun little trampoline. I love it!

Don't you like how serious they look? Lighten up, kids!
There was also a mini putt putt golf area in this place, along with a ton of train tables and doll houses filled guessed it! Trains and dolls!
It was pretty cool. Minus the creepy mechanical animals. Haha!
We met my mom for lunch afterwards at California Pizza Kitchen. I LOVE that place!!
My unfortunate child playing with her puzzle I bought her at the Safari Park. There was also a toy store inside! Lots of great educational toys.

And although I HATE this picture of me, I have to share. This is what Ava does when she wants something to go her way. She comes up and wraps her arm around our neck, and then asks in the most CHARMING fashion you have EVER HEARD!

It kills me every time! She knows how to charm. JUST LIKE HER FATHER!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010


I HEART cherries!! And I was so excited to do this custom order for a customer's daughter's cherry themed birthday party.
Here is little Blakely, wearing her cherries dress for her first birthday party!

Check out that incredible cherry food/dessert table! I think Blakely liked it too:)

And a closeup of the little cutie wearing her dress so well!

If you have pictures to share of your child wearing SheShe Made, please email them to me at OR you can upload them to our Facebook wall. Just search "SheShe Made" on Facebook!
Happy Monday!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My little bookworm

A while back I purchase a flip video because I got a really great deal on it. Altough there were some issues when it came to me partially broken, I managed to fix it myself and this week I recorded the first video with it. I was excited because Ava had no idea I was recording her. Had she known, she would have been defiant and not shown her true little cute Ava self! Check it out... And sorry about my Valium-induced voice. Well, actually I hadn't taken any Valium. Just sounds that way...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halloween Orders...The Last Week to Order

We have been blown away with sales for Halloween, and we want to make sure we have plenty of time to get it all made and shipped by mid October at the very latest.

If you have been feasting your eyes on any of the items below...

You'll need to place your order by this Sunday.
When Monday comes, all the Halloween will be removed from our site.

Happy Haunting. I mean, Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bloggy Buddies

When I started blogging, I had no real expectations other than advertising about my product and getting the word out there about SheShe Made. Eventually I started blogging here and there about our personal lives because I thought it would be more fun for my customers to get to know me more than just a lady who designs and makes their child's clothing.
Along the way, in just one year, I have made many friends, through my customers and through the blog and twitter world. It has been such a cool experience and I especially love meeting my customers or blog buds, especially since I don't have a "brick and mortar" type of shop.
sidenote: To those few customers that have come to my home to pick up items...I apologize for the sometimes scary sight you've seen in all my non-makeup glory!
This weekend, while visiting my family in Houston, I had the privilege of meeting another blog bud, Heather. Heather was the third person I've had a sit-down meet up with and every time it is hairy with MY CHILD! Ava was in a really crabby mood and I was just really nervous it was going to get ugly.
But she was so-so acting. And we actually did get to chat for a while. I tuned Ava's 4,953 demands out and enjoyed getting to know Heather better. And did I mention she brought along the ever adorable miss Mollie Kate?!?! Oh my! She was so sweet. Just like her momma!
The girls hugging while eating lunch.

These two older ladies came up to our table and just flipped over the girls. They asked a thousand questions about them. If they were sisters, best friends, if they were having a special celebration, etc. because they looked like little dolls out to eat. Haha!
Houston humidity did a number on my hair. Sort of looks like a drowned rat! UGH!! Or maybe I look so yuck standing next to these beautiful ladies...all 3 of them!

We tried to take a pic of the girls after lunch, and they were both so tired and beyond ready for nap time. What can we say? Heather and I both like to talk!
Check out the series of events...

and finally...

I wish the girls would have had more time to "play" together. They seemed so much alike! Ava has been asking about "Mah-wee" the past few days and she even says "Bwess Mah-wee" in her prayer lineup. It is the cutest thing! If only Heather lived closer.
Thanks for meeting us, Heather. You are such a doll and EXACTLY as I pictured you would be in person. You light up the room with your smile and bubbly personality. If you guys make it to Dallas later this month I hope we can meet up again!

Monday, September 13, 2010


A baby in bloomers and bows.

Can it really get any more precious?!?

This is sweet, sweet Avery. She is my best friend's daughter and I am simply in love with her. She wears SheShe Made bows and clothing well.
And it also doesn't hurt that she is A.DOR.A.BLE.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Farm

This past weekend we went out to see Aaron's grandparents at "The Farm".
Let's first talk about the fact that BOTH of his grandparents are still living and are about to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.
Not many people make it to 75 months these days.
They are both in their early 90's and still kickin it like fresh young chickens.
With walkers, of course.
Ava loves to go see MeMaw and Pappoo.
We always go out there after church and we bring Spring Creek Barbeque.
Ava and I waited in the car while daddy got the food to go.

Ava sitting on Pappoo's lap.

And MeMaw's lap as well.

Everyone getting their grub on.

It might appear that Ava has poor table manners as she is standing in her chair rather than sitting. But let me assure you she proved to be a little lady while we were eating. She acccidentally burped and had the biggest surprised face following that utterance, then she begged to be pardoned by the entire table! It went like this...
"Scuss me (excuse me) Mommy"
"Scuss me daddy"
"Scuss me MeMaw"
"Scuss me Auntay"
"Scuss me EE-quin (uncle Ian)"
"Scuss me Pappoo"
"Ava bupped. I sooooo sorry."

It was the funniest thing EVER!!!

The ladies cleaned up after lunch while the boys (and Ava) went on a golf cart drive around the farm.

We visited for a little while and then took some family pics for fun.

I love visiting and seeing all the vegetables and fruit they have growing in their garden. On Sunday they had cantelope and pumpkins growing (I think) and all the corn had been cut down. Last time we visited we played "hide and seek" in the corn field....Children of the Corn style, too. Or not.
Ava was getting a little onery so we cut our visit just in time for nap.
She was so sweet giving lots of hugs on our way out though. She is the sweetest little booger!

We treasure our visits with the grandparents and hope there are many more to come!!

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