Saturday, January 29, 2011

Monster Faces

The other night Ava was on a roll with her "reading" and so I had fun recording her. She was cracking me up. I just had to share one more video clip of her reading "Monster Faces".

Hope you all are having a great Saturday. The weather is beautiful today (75) so we are headed to the Stock Show and Rodeo. Yee Haw!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the $50 gift certificate to SheShe Made is...
...Jenn Lankford! Congratulations Jenn, please email me at to claim your gift certificate. Thanks so much to everyone for entering and for the kind comments on the new site!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I prefer "frugal"

Ok, first things first...It's Sheila again. And now, for FULL disclosure before I go on...I'm a cheapskate.

Well, not a cheapskate, exactly, but I am always looking for a deal. With such a large family, I learned long ago that if it's not on sale, then I really don't need it that badly. I prefer to call myself frugal, wise, economical--take your pick. But let's face it, in the end it just sounds like I'm a cheapskate. :-)

The reason I introduce this little factoid is because you should know that even though I am always looking for value, I am willing to pay more for higher quality. Longer-lasting, more durable, softer, better made--all of these things will play into what I choose to spend on an item.

When it comes to kids clothes, as long as my kids are dressed appropriately for the weather in clean clothes that match, I've got no problems with them. (Another disclosure, though, I am loving the boutique creations I make for Gianna!)

Here's the thing, though. As SheShe Made grows and our ideas and designs keep on changing and becoming more varied, we are also seeing lots and lots of new start-ups selling the same or very very similar items to ours. Of course we don't begrudge anyone the excitement that comes with starting a business--we're still excited about it 2 years later!

Perhaps it is just the nature of competition in business when we see our exact designs, or fabric choices, or our designs slightly tweaked, pop up on the sales sites of others. I mean, sure, we all browse the same types of sites, and pick up ideas here or there. The knot dress is a perfect example. A knot dress is a knot dress, right? But I persoanlly think that Ashley has a great eye for fabric combos, and I find it very interesting when I see these same exact combos pop up a few weeks after we use them.

The "grrrr" factor comes in when we see our ideas or designs elsewhere selling for far less than we sell them! Remember, now, you're hearing this from the Queen of Low Price Seekers, and if anyone understands wanting to get more for your money, it's me!

All that to say this: remember that in all things, you get what you pay for. Furniture, kitchen gadgets, haircare products, and baby boutique items alike. Our prices are set based on materials, the time and skill required to make them, and, of course, profit.

We love what we do, from the design stage right on through to the finished products that we send out to you. We are perfectionists, sometimes to a fault! (side note: as much of a perfectionist as I am in my sewing, I still get "the look" from Ashley if heaven forbid I forget to snip a thread! ha!)

We value our customers highly, and many of you have become friends. We only offer you the finest quality, and sometimes that quality costs a bit more. Because we also value the craftsmanship you want and have come to expect from us, and we value our time, I can make you this promise: You can count on us to never sacrifice durability, workmanship, or cuteness in order to sell at a cut rate.

And speaking of a good deal....we will announce the $50 gift certificate winner tomorrow!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No No, Yes Yes

Ava enjoys reading books so much. She is now at the age where she will read to us rather than us only reading to her. It is such a joy to listen to that little booger read.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy {New Website} Monday!! AND A GIVEAWAY!!

Today I am all sorts of excited.
We have been discussing a new website for quite some time, and when my sweet and uber talented friend, Sarah, graciously offered to help us get a new one started and launched, I was thrilled at the possibilities.
Little did I know (not sure why I was surprised) how far she would EXCEED all of our expectations and SO MUCH MORE!
She did such a great job and spent soooo many hours on this project. And her hard work truly shows. She (or her child, rather) will now be rewarded with a lifetime clothing supply of SheShe Made.
In case you haven't seen it already, go take a look at her amazing job...
SheShe Made's new website.

And in honor of this exciting day, let's just host a $50 gift certificate giveaway.
Want to win??
Here's how...
1st entry: Go check out our website and tell us what you love the best. It can be a feature or a new product!
2nd entry: Become a fan on facebook
3rd entry: Follow our blog
4th entry: Tweet about our new website with a link. Come back and post the tweet or your twitter name in the comment.

Winner will be selected by and posted on Friday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Easter 2011 PRESALE

Introducing SMOCKED CLOTHING at SheShe Made! I am so excited about this. We have been researching for a while now on the best smocked clothing to carry on our site, and this is our smocked debut.

What better way to begin than with Easter clothing? So for the next few days, in celebration of this big debut, we will offer these few pieces for A STEAL!

you are interested in purchasing any of these, email us at with the subject "EASTER PRESALE" and give us the name of the piece you want, size, and paypal email address. Shipping is $2.00!

((Sorry about the not so great images. I need to get these on my hands and then I can get some better pictures! But I'm certain you get the idea of this CUTENESS I AM DYING OVER!))

Pink gingham smocked bishop $41 size 3m-8yrs

Light blue dots smocked bishop $41 size 3m-8yrs

Spring Flowers Bishop $37 Sizes 3m-8yrs

Boy's JonJon $39.50 sizes 3m-4T

White and Pink Bunnies Baby and Toddler Bishop Bloomer Set $39.50 sizes 3m-4T

White and Pink Bunnies Girls Bishop Dress $39.50 sizes 3m-8yrs

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Be Still My Heart...

These Valentines Items will only be available for about a week or two. So get them while they are hot!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ava's recites her first memory verse

Ava learned her first bible verse as part of the "Jesus' birth story" series during the month of December at church.
As a momma, I couldn't be more proud. She learned hand gestures for all of it as you can see her doing a few of them.

Isn't that the sweetest thing?? Oh she melts me! I pray she really takes this verse to heart and understands it as she gets older. This verse is the one that brings it all home, doesn't it?
Hope you had a great week! We will return VERY SOON with a few Valentines items.
AND....did I mention we are getting a new website?? Oh I am so excited for you all to see.
Take care my loves!

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