Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blog sale!

Be Mine 12m sailboats $15.

Kissy Kissy 12-18m $16. Runs like a 9 or 12m.

Candy land 9m. $18.

Wish Upon a Star? I think. 9m $15.

Anavini 12m. $22.

Anavini 4T. Just realized the hem is coming undone a tad. Easy fix and in perfect condition otherwise. $14.

Anavini 12m. $20. Have a matching baby pink sister dress in 4T if interested. $40 for set.

Candyland 12m. $15.

Shrimp & Grits 6m. $15.

Carter's 12m. $3.

Ragsland 12m. $10. Button stitches could be restitched.

Shipping is $3. Please leave a comment with what you'd like and leave your PayPal address. I'll ship as soon as you pay the invoice.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Judd {8 months}

 Happy 8 months little dude!! This is my favorite stage of babyhood so mommy is very excited about the 8 month mark! It's busy, fun, and your personality is shining through more than ever before! This month has been full of new adventures for you and it's been such a joy to watch you grow and learn and discover new and exciting things.

Weight: approx 25 lbs
Height: not sure

Wears 18 months
Size 4 diaper
Takes 4 bottles a day, 8 ounces at a time
Eats 3 meals a day and sometimes an afternoon snack after nap
Sleeps from 7pm-6am
Naps 2 times a day for two hours or an hour and a half

You have four teeth on this day, but I think you are getting another! This month has been rough on you and I now realize why we had some sleep regression. Darn top teeth wanted to "go big or go home" and come in all at once. So far you have the right one all the way out, the left just behind, and the tooth next to your right top is trying to come through. Mommy won't lie, this makes her super sad to know this is just one more sign that proves the inevitable: you are growing up.

This month was your first real vacation, which involved flying and staying in a condo for multiple days. You went to Destin, Florida and had the best time! You proved to be a great little traveler (although we tried everything to get you to sleep on the plane and you were not having it). We learned about your love for yogurt melts and gerber "cheetos" on said plane rides. Yummy! You had such a fun time swimming in the pool and playing in the sand. You also tried to master crawling while on vacation, but didn't truly get the hang and coordination of it all until the very day we got home. July 30, 2012 was your first official day of crawling on all fours with your belly off the ground. Since that day, you have not looked back! You love your newfound freedom to explore.

You have become quite the momma's AND daddy's boy this month, and your social anxiety has most definitely peaked. You cry at most unfamiliar faces, unless it's a cute young blonde. I try to tell you judging is not very nice but you don't seem to care. You will scowl, stare or cry at anybody you don't recognize. Mommy tends to get annoyed at family members who take it to heart and blow her off when she tries to explain your social developmental stage. Oh well.

You eat all finger foods now and have mastered the pincer grasp. Your meals look a little like this...
Breakfast: butter toast and strawberries
Lunch: turkey dog weiner, zucchini, corn, and peaches
Snack: puffs, craisins/raisins, watermelon slice
Dinner: whatever we are eating (tonight was barbeque chicken baked potato)

I have been pretty lax on the sippy cup with you as you don't take a paci and love to have your bottle before you lay down. But I've noticed you are starting to not want to rock anymore (yet you still throw a fit when I put you in your crib awake. NO MATTER HOW MANY DAYS I AM CONSISTENT!) So, I'm thinking we will switch one of your bottles to a sippy. Most likely it'll be your late morning bottle. I'm nervous about this!

You had been waking at 6am every morning for the past 2-3 weeks until this week. I moved your bedtime back to 7:45/8pm and you are sleeping until 7:00. This is MUCH better as mommy cannot function at 6am. And unless you want her to go back to teaching while you go to daycare, then you better get on board with the sleep-in train, mkay?

I love you so very much and am having a blast with you this month!! It's been nice to take a break from work and just focus on you and your sister and nothing else. I don't know why I've been so blessed to be chosen as your mommy. You absolute perfection in my eyes! 

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