Friday, October 30, 2009

Wrapping up October

What a month! It has flown by way too fast. We have worked harder this month than any month so far, which scares me for the upcoming Holiday months. EEEK!
Good thing I just LOVE my job!
Wanted to close this month with some pics.
First off, this is a picture of a childhood friend's children. Aren't they adorable?!?! I made these matching frankenstein shirts for her and I am so happy to share them! Thanks, Lauren, for sharing!

Nest up, are pics of my family during the month. We went to a pumpkin patch and had a blast checking out all the various pumpkins and fall foliage.

Meet the Flinstones.

We went to our local zoo's Boo at the Zoo and dressed up as a family. We got tons of compliments, so of course I considered this year's costumes a huge hit!

And let me just tell you about this tutu....

The girl is OBSESSED! She absolutely loves wearing this "tooo" as she calls it. I had to pry it off of her to get in the bathtub. Meltdown city! But so cute at the same time. My friend Jenn made the TuTu for Ava's birthday present and it's a big hit in our house.

And yes, I design kid's clothing. NO! I do not desing pumpkin masterpieces. Sorry. I know it's boring. But it's cute and friendly and Ava loved it. So, I guess that counts for something, right?

Happy Halloween, y'all!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A SheShe Christmas!!

The SheShe Made Christmas Clothing is UP! Check it out over at SheSheMade
We hope to be adding some boy's clothing, but as of now, there isn't as much of a demand and we simply don't have the time beyond what we are doing at this moment.
We will be taking orders through December 6th and then we are closing up shop for the holidays!
Here is a little preview of my little model doing what she does best...being annoyed with dressup and pictures. Ha!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well, we aren't doing much as far as Thanksgiving duds go...since we are soo busy planning for an upcoming event (The First Church of Nazarene (in Crowley)Craft Fair), which is coming around the corner on November 14!! YIKES!!
However, here is the girl's "Girly Turkey Day Dress". It's a spinoff of the typical Turkey in browns reds and yellows. Inspired by some mom friends, it has a splash of pink which I think turned out just precious!

And then, here's the "Couture Turkey" for the boy! I love the colors of this in pale blues and brown.

I love the gobble butt!

And then I had Nichole request this for her 20 month old, who is obviously a little old for onesies. NO PROBLEM!! I just made his an outfit! Check it out.

So, we will be taking orders for these two pieces up through November 5th. Then, we are taking a break for the week to get ready for our Craft Fair.

In the mean time, we will be debuting the Christmas line VERY SOON. By soon, I mean in the next week or two. My goal is to have it all posted for my blog readers by next Wednesday! But that might be pushing it....
Then, we will add it to the etsy shop, with exclusives on our website!!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Show Us Your Life

So, I'm doing a special "Show Us Your Life" post from over at Kelly's Korner. And I thought it would be fun to share some of what the "behind the scenes" looks like.

I work from about 1:00 to 3:00 during four days a week (nap times), and then again from 7:00-2:00(yes that is evening to early morning, folks). My hubby takes over duty two nights out of the work week so that I can get an early start. When orders are high, I work the 7-2 shift 5 days a week, and sometimes I'll do an entire Sunday work day.
This job, I have to say, is very addicting! I LOVE IT! I get so excited to do orders and it is a rush with each and every new one that comes my way!! Some nights I have to MAKE myself stay away from the sewing room/office so that I won't get lured in! I am being so serious, too!
Ok, so on to pictures...

This is a picture of THE MACHINE! This is a babylock and I just LOVE IT! No threading the needle, easy bobbin's just a very nice sewing machine/embroidery machine in general. I highly recommend it! Thje hubs bought it for me for my birthday and what a gift it turned out to be!! :)

These are just half of my font choices! I so badly need to add the others so that I can get it onto my website. BUT THAT TAKES A LOT OF EXTRA TIME that I don't have with the Holidays upon us. Soon!

The supply closet that is OVERLY STUFFED to the gills! The green box is my bow stash. These are the bows that I sell on Etsy and on the Website that are premade. I also take them with me to my booth sells. It is entirely depleated at the moment and needs to be re-upped. Soon!

This is the floor o' orders. The stacks are mostly completed or completed orders, along with some stack of Christmas fabric and Thanksgiving "turkey feather" fabric.
I need a little better organizational method for all of that, but for now, it works for me and I know what each stack is...until some little tot comes strolling in and decides she wants to use fabric as a "bankee".

The "work station" as hubby calls it! This is where I do my cutting, my stabilizing, my glueing, and my ironing.

This is another work in progress. This is a third of my ribbon that I use for bows and for embellishments on clothing. I just put this rack up the other day and have sooo many more spools to add to the collection.

The machine at work! It makes it look as if I just sit back, sip on some hot tea, and just watch it do it's magic. HAHAHA! I wish it were that simple. There is a multi step process to this, but for the most is very much an amazing little diddy!
I want to give this here machine a name, since we are growing very fond of eachother. Any suggestions??? I thought of Bertha but that just doesn't have a nice ring to it.
Happy Friday to you all and check back soon for our Thanksgiving AND Christmas Lines!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

SheShe Made's First Booth!!

Well, this weekend was a big event for us! We had our very first "real" sale and although it was freezing cold for Texas in October, we had a great turnout and it does nothing more than encourage us to do more of these types of events!
I always have been a sucker for fairs, festivals, carnivals, and especially craft shows, so this was right up my alley!
Check out the pictures from our day at the Burleson's "Founder's Day Festival".

Sheila making a sell!

And, I have to close with this picture of my little posh cutie! Her daddy had her all day and brought her up to see me. DID HE NOT DO A FABULOUS JOB IN DRESSING HER?!?! I was VERY impressed at the gettup he chose for our little Ava.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


SheShe Bows is in the midst of SOME GREAT AND EXCITING CHANGES!!
First off...we will now be called She She Made. With the addition of boutique clothing and baby/children's items, it only made sense to go with a more functional name.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY....The official website is up and running. It is still very much under construction, but the best news is that what is listed is available for purchase NOW!

Take a look. Check it out. Shop around. Spread the word. AND please visit often!!!

SheShe Made
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After having my girly girl in April of 08, and spending oodles of money on one of a kind boutique, monogrammed clothing (with hairbows to match), I decided it was time to learn this trade myself before I went broke! I learned how to sew, embroider, and make hairbows in a matter of 3 months. What started as a hobby has turned into a dream come true. I quit my job as a teacher and now work from home when the little one sleeps. My life as a mommy and a boutique clothing designer/manufacturer/monogrammer is truly the best of both worlds!! I have big dreams for the future of my family and the future of SheShe Made. Thanks for joining me as I blog about the journey. Let me know if there is a bow or outfit you'd like custom made for you! Email me at and thanks for stopping by!

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