Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I love Thanksgiving!
I love the warmth and traditions and family and togetherness that comes with it!
I love taking a moment out of the year to stop and give thanks for all that I've been blessed with in the year(s) past.
Some of the few things I am thankful for this year include...
My family

Love those two people more than anything!! Aaron is such a great daddy and husband and his love for Ava and me shows each and every day through his endless running around, picking up after our messes, AND dealing with our various temper tantrums. He keeps me sane because he works hard to clean the house, bathe Ava, and do other daily "chores" that I don't get done while working.
Ava is such a toot these days and she gives me a run for my money already, but she is the light of my life! The girl keeps me in stitches with the hilarious things she does and says.
My faith
I am thankful for my faith and for my savior Jesus Christ, and the sacrifice He made thousands of years ago for my sins. Without Him I am nothing, and without my faith, my life here on earth is meaningless.
My friends

I am a people person and I HATE to be alone. I have issues like that:) And so I am glad I have a family to keep me company (ha!) but I don't think I could make it without my friends. Being a mommy is hard, and being a wife is hard too! And sometimes the best medicine for the soul is to get out and spend some good 'ol fashioned friend time with the girls. I always say I don't have just one best friend, but I have TONS of really close friends. And I like it like that!! Makes my heart happy.
I'm also thankful for the new friendships I've made this year!
My work
I can't ever say enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job and what I do! I am so blessed to work side by side with Sheila, and she is definitely my better half in the workplace!!
I am also thankful for the gals that work for us and all the time, perfection, and creative eye they put into SheShe Made!

Because without this character, I might not have nearly as much business. Haha! Sorry, I couldn't resist.
And, last but not least...
My customers
Seriously! I have THE GREATEST customers EVER and they make this job such a blessing. I have gotten to know quite a few of them on a personal basis and it's just so much fun to make their children all of their holiday and birthday clothing. It's becoming a tradition in a way and that makes it so cool! Makes me want to do this job until I die or become crippled from carpel tunnel. Ha!

I guess I should include giving thanks to the pilgrims and indians for making peace as well??
It's only appropriate.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Gym, Big Fun

We went to a birthday party at The Little Gym for Ava's friend Charley.
Ava was so excited she talked about it no less than 563 times Saturday morning.

Ava used to go to The Little Gym when she was about 18 months old, but that was only for a semester because she stressed me out always doing her own thing and never "playing" uring mat time. Haha! I know, I know, she was 18 months old, but the teacher in me just couldn't help but stress out every Tuesday when we left there. I would imagine her in kindergarten getting up during circle time and talking while the teacher talked and so on.
Anyway, back to Charley's birthday...

It was Barney themed, and here is Charley wearing the Barney outfit I showed off last week!
Charley's mom was really paranoid about her having a Barney outfit. She hates the whole character look just as much as me.
Thank goodness I didn't disappoint with this number!
Ava enjoyed some cake...

and then she was ready to hit the gym and get her wiggles out!

She kept jumping from this mat and scaring the ever living daylights out of Aaron and I!!

This picture is super blurry (I blame it on Aaron, he took it) but the action shot cracked us up!!

I'm pretty sure I can say with 100% certainty the swing incident last week had little impact on her, other than a jacked up chin.

I loved the idea of a Little Gym birthday party and I am super tempted to have Ava's here as well. It seemed so stress free and since it has rained every year on her birthday, this seems like a much better idea than the park or our house.
I like that Charley's was at a venue but still had a theme. I'm sure ours will be "Yo Gabba Gabba" themed so this might just be our best play.

P.S. Did I just say that? Shoot me now if I have to throw a Yo Gabba Gabba themed party!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A day of firsts

Yesterday was a day of firsts for Ava.
We went to a new park that was lots of fun. There were see saws, merrry go rounds, swings, and two different playground structures.
Ava had a blast running from structure to structure.
We were about to leave and she wanted to swing.
Not in the baby swing.
But in the big kid swing.
Let me back the truck up and tell you about Ava and swings...
She loves to run in front of swinging kids.
Never even thinks about them knocking her over! I have to go in for the swift grab and duck maneuver almost every time. I always say I'm just gonna have to let her get the poop knocked out of her one time for her to understand.
Well, same goes for her wanting to get out of swings when she is swinging.
She is SO SO SO SO ADHD. She wants to get in a swing and get out of it just as fast as she got in.
Not because she doesn't like it, but because she gets bored with it 2.6 seconds after the initial push.
Well, I put her in the big kid swing, and she said "I done mommy. I get wout."
I don't even finish my sentence of "Hold on Mommy needs to stop" before she leaps out of the swing.
Face plant right in the gravel!
Blood everywhere. Rocks everywhere around her mouth and chin.
It was not a pretty sight.
I just knew she had swallowed a rock or chipped a tooth as well.
Nope, just a busted lip and cut up chin.

It was her first bad accident, and I'm actually surprised it took this long. Haha!
Poor baby was very sad.
And mommy is very sad she looks so banged up.

Her other first was not so dramatic. Getting a haircut!
Britni came over to cut her hair in the comfort of home. Britni used to cut hair so I was confident she would do a great job and Ava would be easier to wrangle being at home and all.

a straggly mess!



The main reason I kept putting off a haircut was because I was worried that the curls would be all gone. But they were still there and even curlier!!

This makes me think-wait- I haven't seen that envelope laying around!!
My husband threw away that envelope with her curls in it. Gotta go dig through the trash. Be back later!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Beloved Barney Birthday Outfit

For all the Barney lovers out there, this is the perfect Custom Monogrammed Barney Birthday outfit for them!!

We are going to offer the set, complete with pigtail bows or the Barney appliqued/monogrammed shirt just by itself.

Do you have a Barney lover in your house?
Do you know a fellow Barney lover?
If so, I bet they would love this custom Barney outfit for their next birthday!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

I am so thankful for this little cutie!

Even if she does use the potty unconventionally.
Kids do the darndest things.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Twitter Party of Five

After having two steps in the grave on Wednesday from a stomach bug, I came back to life by Friday morning and had such a great weekend!!
It began with a dinner with some of my favorite people, most of whom I've only known for a few months, but I'd say I am really close with all of them! I was looking forward to this dinner, and I knew it was going to be a super fun get together. I'm so glad I was healed and not sick the night we had plans!

Let me share how we all know eachother...

Jenn and I were roomies in our Sorority house back in the good 'ol days at TCU, and we are both on Twitter.

I met Angie through a blog visit, so to speak, followed by conversation on Twitter. Through our various exchanges we realized we both lived in the area.

Same story goes for Britni. We met on Twitter as well!

(bad picture, but gives you the idea right?? ha!)
So all of us gals live in the metroplex, except for Sarah.
Sarah and I met on Twitter as well! She was in town visiting family, and I am SO GLAD she has family nearby so that she will visit again and hopefully often:)
Do you see a recurring theme?
It's funny because I would never have thought Twitter would have gained me such cool friendships, but I guess Twitter is all about conversation. And sometimes great conversation leads to great friendships!

I was warned that Twitter can be a bit like high school,
and I can act a bit high school myself (just look at the evidence).

Although I have seen the high school side of it at times, I plan to steer clear from the drama. My experience thus far has been a great way to get advice and tips on everything under the sun, gab about silly shows such as Teen Mom and The Bachelor, and best of all meet some unexpected real life friendships.
(It's also been such fantastice *free* advertisement for SheShe Made!)

So yeah, we met at 7:00, had fajitas and margaritas, and just talked and giggled for 5 hours! We didn't leave the restaurant until our poor waitress asked us to get up so she could go home. We felt bad about that for sure! It's just we couldn't ever get to a stopping point in our conversations. Tweeting for a while now, we all had tons to talk about, catch up on, and really, Twitter just gave us all a very common groud.
I adore these girls and look forward to many more get togethers!!

Next time, we plan on having a slumber party so we don't get kicked of an establishment for overstaying our welcome past 5 hours! Good times.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm a slacker

I have multiple things to blog about, but too busy for anything much these days.
So I will leave you of a funny picture.
I like to call this "Ava's Michael Jackson outfit".

Her Auntay bought it for her at Zara. Apparently it's the hip store to shop at!
With the exception of our own line, I don't venture much past this look, however.

I'll be back SOON with a real post!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Kylie's mom had us make her adorable Kylie's first birthday dress.

We were honored!
Check out this link to see an even cuter (if that's even possible) picture of miss Kylie on her first birthday!
Making first birthday outfits is one of my FAVORITE things we do!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Top Gun Anyone?

This past weekend we went to the Air Show with some blog friends turned in real life friends!

Like how cool is this picture?!?! I (by I, I mean Aaron)remembered my good lens on this day!

And check them out upside down!!!

Such an adrenaline rush...I'm sure for the pilots, but also for the crowd!

The little ones had ear muffs ready for the loud noise!

And Hayden made sure to cover his "good" ear! Ha!!

All the kids played a little game of ring around the propeller. They were giggling away at this. Such sweeties!

The temp that day was somewhere around 90 and it was TOO HOT for end of October. All the kids had red cheeks and some of us left with sunburns.

But the heat didn't stop us from enjoy our day!

I love new adventures with friends:)
P.S. I've never even seen Top Gun, but it sounded like a fitting title to this post. Ha!

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