Monday, May 31, 2010

GIVEAWAY...DRESS or JON JON WINNER generated a number from 1-127 (excluding my comment in the thread) and the number was 23, which was Christie.
So, Christie, email me at and let me know which dress you'd like us to make for you!
And thanks all that participated.
Stay tuned for more giveaways in June!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Anybody in the mood for a FREE custom made dress?

or jon jon?

This one is a fun giveaway for SURE!!
Here are the deets:
-You leave ONE comment, that is an entry.
-You go tell the world about SheShe Made, that is another entry.
Per device.
Per network.
Per whatever that you can proove you mentioned my giveaway. Such as twitter, facebook, blogging, myspace (is that even around these days??) I have to be able to verify all of these mentionings, too!
-Grab my button, and that's another entry.
However, if I see that you removed my button after a month or so, I will come hunt you down and take back your loot!!! (haha. just kidding. not really)
-Follow SheShe Made blog or twitter and that is another entry.
If you already follow me, that counts too! One comment per follow.

In case I'm not making myself clear (which happens more than not) it can look like this.
Comment One: Ooh I so want to win a jonjon for little Billy. Cool. Thanks.
Comment Two: I just blogged about this giveaway. Here is the link
Comment Three: I added your button to my blog. Here is the link
Comment Four: I tweeted about this giveaway. (I will see it from twitter)
Comment Five: I just posted about your giveaway and put a link to your blog on Facebook.

I will randomly pick a winner using when the giveaway ends.
The winner will get to pick any dress or jonjon listed currently on our website. ANY!!
Clear as mud?? Good!

So, get to spreading the word! Giveaway ends soon!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

San Antonio

We had such a great time in San Antonio this past weekend! It couldn't have been better.
That includes the car travel!
SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! If I could send each of you ladies that left me tips a new outfit for your little one I SO WOULD DO IT, but other orders are in the hopper, especially since I've taken a bit of a vaca...
The car ride down was wonderful. If you follow me on twitter you prolly know the story, but we left around 11 after going by Aaron's school to let her play on the huge playground and get out some energy.

We took off and drove for an hour straight to Waco and then pulled over for lunch. After lunch she watched "Whoa Gobba Gobba Gobba" (aka Yo Gabba Gabba), took a two hour snooze, and we made it to San Antonio shortly after she woke up. SO EASY!! I didn't even get to whip out my bag o' tricks. ;)
We met up with my friend Candace and she took us to a cool park with tons of trees to let Ava get some more energy out. Then we went to dinner and this is why I look like a royal hot sweaty mess in this picture. IT WAS HUMID AND HOTTTT! And I had been driving all day.

My shirt let off some sparklies all over my face. Even hotter, huh?!?!
Don't be jealous.
The next morning was our Sea World day.

We were especially excited because our cousins decided to drive an hour south and meet us. The weather was overcast & breezy, so just perfect!
We loved the whales, the dolphins, and the "sea wynons"!!
Ava sported these looks most of the day.

She would say "WOW! Wook at dat!!!!"
Ava with our cousins.

Checking out a little Shamu action.

Ever since that killing in Florida, I guess the trainers no longer get in the water. It made it a fairly uneventful show, but the best part was seeing this little baby whale staying by its momma's side.

We then saw the "Azul" show which was full of synchronize swimming, dolphins, belugas, and acrobats.

It was SOOOO cool!
I didn't get any real good pics of that show. One downfall to this Canon camera...the zoom. And that I always get the focus in on the closest object and don't know how to make it focus on an object further away. If that makes sense.

Ava was so excited to see everything that she just wet her pants. And wet so much that she leaked through her diaper for the first time in at least a year!
But no worries at all!

Momma had a change of clothes AND a matching bow and sunglasses to boot!

Ava and Shamu checking out the sharks. She said "see the sharks? ewwww yuck!" ha ha!

Ava and Shamu again.

Oh wait. That's Ava and mommy. My bad!
We fed the dolphins at our last stop.

And Ava was so funny about throwing the fish to the dolphins. She would just toss it in the water with no aim for feeding a dolphin. Heck, there wouldn't even be a dolphin in sight!

At one point she tried to lean over and get in the water.
Does this happen to anyone else or am I just one lucky mom?????

Taking one last look before heading home...

Not even two minutes down the road and we already had a goner on our hands.

My little girl had the time of her life and she still talks about Sea World today! When we went to sleep Saturday night she was saying "I see the whales and dolphins and sea wynons and thank you mommy. had fun."
It melted my heart!!
Before we headed to Austin on Sunday to see more cousins (I decided to split the trip home into two two hour drives, staying with family in Austin), we stopped down at the river walk to ride the little river barge.

I LOVE THIS PART OF SAN ANTONIO! Although it was super duper hot and I think I like the river walk better at night.

I mean just look at that hot little face!
We drove to Austin to see the cousins after our hot little boat ride and she napped for that trip as well. Then, we trekked home Monday morning and were back to our stompin grounds by 11am.
It was a great weekend and I look forward to many more "road trips" with my little stinker. She was so much fun and I just love sharing new experiences with her!
As a parent, this is what life is all about!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Model MONDAY! (except on Tuesday)

Sorry this is a day late. We just got back home yesterday from our weekend in San Antonio and I am still trying to catch up on everything.
Vacations are great. But man, they take time to recover don't they?
So, better late than never I suppose...

This is little Ashley and I just couldn't find a cuter little 3 year old to share my name with! She is such a cutie pie and I love her hair!

She is wearing one of the dresses we featured for Valentine's Day, along with the matching leggings and bow. We have continued getting orders for this dress up until this past month as it started getting warmer (it's corduroy). I knew it would be a great buy for months other than just February!
Thanks, Kim, for sharing Ashley's picture with us! And I might add that Ashley is a SheShe regular and I *think* she has worn a SheShe Made dress for every holiday since Christmas.
Makes us smile all kinds of smiles!!!!!

*and thanks to Jessica Rogers for turning the pics around for me. I'm such a goof!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

For the sake of tooshies

Ok, I know this is a blog mostly for my business and sometimes I like to make it more personal with pictures and tidbits from the home front. But that's mostly because my blog followers are my customers...past (hopefully minimal.ha), present, and future.
And I love my customers! And since my customers are 99.5% moms of babies and toddlers, I feel I must share this issue that could very well help you out.
So...let me explain where I am going with this.
I have an online group of mommy friends whom I "met" on babycenter while I was pregnant with Ava back in late 2007. The 13 of us became very close throughout our pregnancies and merged over to Yahoo to continue our friendship in a private group setting. Since late 2007, we have had multiple reunions, our husbands and kids have come to know eachother fairly well, and we still are a very close group of women. We all live totally different lives and come from various upbringings/cultures, etc. but we share one thing in common: first time mommies going through the ups and downs of parenthood. We are fortunate to have eachother and to share some things we would never want to share with the "real world" for fear of rejection, embarrassment, name calling, or what have you! Ha!
Anyway, about a month ago one of the moms noticed that her tot was throwing a bit of a fit about diapers. She wanted her diaper off and cried everytime she got changed. Then, my friend noticed her little one had a red blister on her private parts. She mentioned it to us, and sure enough, three other moms IN OUR GROUP OF 13 I MIGHT ADD, noticed the same sort of issue going on with their little ones'.
It became clear that 3 out of 13 kids in our group were all suffering from chemical burns from the new Pampers Dry Max diapers. They all had used the diapers.

Weird thing is, I accidently bought the baby dry diapers or else we might have had the same sort of situation happen to Ava.
You can read more about my friend's story over on her blog.
This post may be irrelevant and these diapers may be working out just fine for you. But if it helps at least one person connect the dots to any issues they might see going on related to these new diapers and some sort of rash/burn on their child, I will be glad I got the word out as best as possible.

Now, back to the basics of dresses, bows, bibs, and onesies...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I must be crazy!

I must be crazy.
I told you all that hubby gave me money for a trip to Sea World for Mother's Day.
Well, that trip is coming to fruition in three days.
Just Ava and me.
In the car.
For at least 4 hours.
I must be crazy.
We are staying with a good friend/sorority sister of mine from TCU, and hub is super busy this time of year and can't take off work, so this is jsut how it has to be.
So, before I talk myself out of traveling alone with her, I was wondering if you had any tips, advice, scripture, herbs, magic tricks, etc. to share???
Ava is a great kid.
But she has very little patience.
She gets antsy super fast.
And she doesn't sleep in the car unless she is wiped completely out.
I plan to leave just around nap time.
Is that a bad idea? I'm hoping that EVENTUALLY she will fall asleep.
And we have a DVD player in our car so that will work for about 35 minutes.
But what about the other two hours?

Here are my specific questions for all you mommies out there that have FAR MORE expertise than me.
-Is leaving at nap time a good or bad idea?
-What kind of fun things (games, toys, bag of things) are suitable for a new 2 year old? She isn't really into toys much, esp. in the car. That's the only problem.
-Should we take a few stops along the way to let her out and stretch/run/skip/whatever or just try to go as far as possible and only stop when necessary?
-Just how much benedryl can I give a 32 lb. 2 year old?

Just kidding about that last question...
I am excited about our weekend and we are so blessed to be able to do fun things for Ava such as this. And I know it will be much more difficult with more children, so I need to make the most of it and not sweat the small things. If only my type A personality worked like that!

Thanks in advance for your tips!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Posies and Polka Dots

We have a name. Since two peeps mentioned Posies and Polka Dots, and because I like it, this will be the name!

This dress is now available for purchase on our website. For the dress AND monogram this can be your daughter/grand daughter/niece/little friend's favorite summer piece for the price of only $38.50!
And this is a great deal! Want to know why? The fabric! It is from Paula Prass and if you know a thing or two about fabric, you know this line is the highest BOUTIQUE quality line of fabric you will find.
Want a custom made pilowcase dress or A-Line dress instead of the peasant dress?
Want a boy's tie shirt made to match?
Email me at and I will hook you UP!


Do you remember the bandana pillowcase dress I showed you a while back? It was custom made for this adorable little girl...

And then I made the tractor shirt for this cutie of a big brother!

I just love making things for this family because not only are they cute little sugars, their mom is such a sweet, fun lady to work with and she comes up with some cute ideas.
Thanks for sharing your precious babes with us, Jessica!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Catching up

So, we have had quite a bit going on the past few days, along with an overnight trip to Dallas to see Aaron's sister. Also knows as "auntay".
On Thursday we went to our friends' pool for our first dip of the season.
Ava was so excited to get in the water!!

It was freazing cold, so we didn't stay long.
Then, that night was Aaron's school district's employee banquet. He and my BFF were nominated for Administrator of the year and Teacher of the year. So it was an exciting night. We dropped Ava off at my mom's and posed for a few pics before we left.

Katie and I were being cheesy in this one because my mom told us to pose like we did back in the sorority days. Whatever that is...Ha!

Aaron didn't win for the entire district, but Katie did. We were sooo excited for her huge accomplishment! Aaron went to pick up Ava and take her home while about 15 of us went out to celebrate. It was a fun night catching up with my old coworkers and friends!
Then on Friday Ava and I went to ride the train with our playgroup.

It was such a beautiful morning and Ava just loves the train!

We went at the perfect time, too, because 30 minutes after we left came a huge downpour!!
We ate lunch with NeeNee (my mom) and then headed home for a nap. When she woke up and daddy got home from work we took off to Dallas to see Auntay!

Every time we visit Auntay we eat at Mi Cocina. LOVE THAT PLACE!!

And then we went back to Auntay's place and played dress up in some of her tutus and leotards from when she was a little ballerina.
Ava loves to play ballerina!

She also loves to wear hats!

All kinds of hats.
And she loves to jump on beds. Grrr!

The following day we headed to a local park to take some pics of her in the latest SheShe Made peasant dress.

This is one of my favorites for sure!!!
I just love the color combo of lime and brown and floral and polka dots!

I'm trying to think of a cute name for this dress and need some help!
So, this is where you guys come in!!!
Let me know your thoughts...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Play that Funky Music

So, Ava has been going to music class at my alma mater since she was 7 months old.
Check that little baldy out...

Tonight was TCU's "Family Music Night" and Ava was talking about it all day.
Here she was a year ago today with my mom.

She just loves "moo kick class". I feel she has learned so much from echoing tunes and sounds to rhythm (P.S. that word is a booger to spell EVERY time) and creative movement.

She can even play "Old McDonald" on the guitar.

Psh! If that were the case then I'd say we were FOR SURE getting our money's worth.

So anyway, back to tonight...
We go eat at Panera before the program. And Ava was miss "show off-look at me" while we ate.

She seriously yelled "Hi" "Hoe are you?" (no, I did not misspell that) to everyone within eye sight from her. Being a parent is so embarrassing. I mean I hate to draw attention to myself.
Always have.
I was the type of student that would almost pee my pants in class just to avoid having to get up and walk in front of the classroom or just to be the only one in the room standing, because that meant all eyes were on me. Even if for a brief second. They were still on me and thus, people were "judging" something about me. Insecurity is a big fat ugly wart!
NEVER did I think about this when planning for 15 children.
So, yeah, it's real cool when you hate people looking at you, and your kid yells to get the entire establishment checking you, your parenting skills (or lack thereof), and your naughty child out.
Real cool.

Bad hair day. Humid. Windy. Icky. Again, don't look at me. Look at the cute girl with awesome table manners and a mild spirit.

So, we walk out of Panera and she runs smack dab into the glass entry. OUCH! She looks around to see who sees her to decide if she should cry tears of embarrassment or just keep it together.
If only then, I could have taught her the age old lesson of "what goes around comes around".
But I think she slightly got the idea...ahem.

So, we get to TCU and stop for a photo opp.

She was not impressed.
She wanted in that ballroom to dance..

and dance.

And sing. Or chew on drumsticks. I'll just go with the former because it sounds better.

And then she decided to run away. Can you find her??? It's almost as good as a "Where's Waldo" page.

I like to look at all the other kids just sitting in their parents lap and it truly amazes me that their really are kids that DO THAT?!?!?!
Wow! I haven't the slightest idea about that one.

She makes life interesting and fun.

That is for sure!!

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