Sunday, February 28, 2010

SPRING/SUMMER first pics...

Because I cannot contain it....

And that's all you get to see for now!!

Party Ideas WANTED!!

Ok, so I need a little help from you wonderful bloggy buddies!
I am having a farm animal themed party for Ava's 2nd birthday this year.
It is weird.
I'm still in denial.
But warming up.
To the fact.
That she is not a baby dolls and purses.
Kinda girl.

Anyway, I have a petting zoo and pony all lined up. Of course her outfit is 80% complete! I have the cake and cupcakes all figured out. I think I am going with an Etsy shop for invites.
But what cute ideas do you all have for decorating (at a park pavilion) and party favors? What about food? I'd like it to all relate with farm animals.
You know?
Like serving pork rinds as a snack?
And goats milk as a drink?

HA HA HA! Not really.

Give me some ideas...and I'll give you some pics of SPRING CLOTHING!!! Yes, it is finally done! The photoshoot was today and as soon as the fabulous photographer gets the photos edited and to me...I will upload them to here before I ever put them on the site.

In the mean time...did anybody notice the few new items added to Etsy and the Website?? They've been popping up slowly the past few weeks!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Introducing...RUFFLE LEGS

Well, here is our latest in the baby bodysuits line. This was inspired by my favorite onesie of Ava's from last summer. I got it from Vintage Lucy's.

The "Ruffle Legs" have been a big hit apparently. I added it to the website late last week and hae already sold 3! That is great news. I promise, this easy little one piece will NOT upset.
But don't just take my word for it.
Just look...

and look...

This piece is done in raspberry zebra and paired with cowprint babylegs. I LOVE IT!! And her big sister has a matching dress and pants that we will feature next!

Oh! And here is the camo ruffle legs onesie with a matching bow.

I can't wait for someone to order a different pattern other than these two because this piece is FUN to make!

And for mom's of boys...I can always do any of this on the chest or butt of a onesie sans ruffles! to tackle my inbox and catch a quick cat nap. I will be back with LOTS of pics SOON!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Model MONDAY! (except on Tuesday)

Please forgive me on my blog slacking. I have been out of town as you knew, and although I got home yesterday...the time change and spending time with my baby (who apparently didn't even miss me anyway) took precendent. It's good to be home. But it seems I got bombarded with emails and orders this weekend. NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING!!! I just am a little stressed is all.
Without further is our Model for this week!
Here is Brayden.

This birthday boy is totally precious!!!! And his mom was super nice and just a doll to work with. I also made him a Valentine's STUD shirt, and hope to see pics of that one as well! Thanks again, Amanda, for sharing your handsome little model with us!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sneak Peek

Here is a little sneak peek of what is taking over a portion of my sewing room these days...
Can't WAIT to show you more!!

We are taking a short vacay to Vegas this weekend, meeting up with 5 other long distance friends/couples from all over the states. Excited for our time together, yet also sad about leaving Ava. She will be in great hands, however. The grandparents on both sides are taking turns watching her. She should be real good 'n spoiled when we return!

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Site Makeover, new items added!

Go check out the website! It got a bit of a makeover and lots of new items were added!!!
And, my friends, keep checking back. Lots more will be added within the coming weeks!!
Happy Shopping.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Well, folks, here is round two of Model Monday and I am excited as the model pictures keep rolling in! I got about 5 pictures over the weekend, so yay!!!

This is little Kathryn. sidenote: I thought about leaving names out, but then I thought again...I mean, for goodness sakes, I am primarily a personalized, monogramming business so that just doesn't make much sense, does it?!
I made her custom outfit and bow to match a ladybug theme, without using actual ladybugs. And is she not a CUTE LITTLE BUG herself?!?!?!

Here is a closeup of the outfit we made for her. I can also do this in short sleeves and a skirt for the warmer seasons!

Thanks, Kathryn's mommy, for allowing Kathryn to model her SheShe Made birthday outfit. It's always a pleasure working with great customers such as you!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you are having a nice Valentine's Weekend/Day. Whether it be just curling up with a good book, going to a movie, spending time with family, friends, OR just doing nothing.
I had a wonderful Valentine's 4 day eztravaganza. My creative man really outdid himself this year. I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't like he spent a fortune on jewelry, took out a loan on a new car, nor did he break the bank with a five star was better! He actually did this one all on his own and I was very impressed with his cleverness! Let me explain.
It started on Thursday with a little envelope on the bar. It looked like this...

The note was all a mystery. Until he showed up at the front door an hour later with the chocolate covered strawberries. He had purchased them at a local bakery and they were YUMM-O!
Then there was this sitting on the bar on Friday.

It was the note minus the flowers. So I had to guess what it was referring to until later that afternoon when the doorbell rang and that beautiful bouquet of pink, red, and white roses were delivered.
And as Saturday rolled around, another note came and it was referring to him cooking dinner.

But plans changed and his siter ended up coming into town so he just ordered pizza instead. He also made salad and turtle brownies. Which is fabulous because like his note implied, he is not a cook. HA!
And for today, the final note was left with a sweet card.

We went to eat brunch at Mac's. which is a favorite of mine. We don't go often, so it was a real treat!
Me with my littlest Valentine. She has a very RANDOM carpet burn on her nose. I don't even know what happened but it had to occur in the night because it wasn't there when we put her down to sleep. ODD!

Ava would NOT look at the camera again. So surprise there. She was too busy staring at an old man that was giving her smiles. She is such a mess.

He did such a great job and included a little of my favorites in all of his creative ideas. I love thoughtful gifts such as these and I told him that now I really have to put on my A-Game for next year's Valentines for him!

Ok, so I had plans with four little models and a professional photographer to photograph all 8+ spring/summer outfits tomorrow and guess what?!?!?! It's gonna be 40 degrees with a windchill of 30mph!!! Do you think it would still be okay to do it with babes in sleeveless dresses and shorts and skirts? Um I think not. So...please be patient. I PROMISE these are worth the wait.

Peasant dresses
Black and White Damask and raspberry zebra
Seersucker Bunnies
Bunny bloomers
Sailor boy and girl matching outfits
Pink eyelet
Flip flops and beach balls

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Wonderland

So, today was a rather CRAZY day here in North Texas! For the first time in 30 YEARS we had the most amazing snowfall I have ever witnessed....since I am a little shy of 30 years old, and all. It was incredible. So far we are at 7 inches and it is supposed to snow until midnight.
I took Ava outside right away and told her about the snow. She called it "SO".

I love these pics of her because Ava is just like her mom in that she is very stoic and I can already tell that she has some quit wit and has a dry sense of humor. So, she looks annoyed, but it's not the case. She just doesn't get too excited about much...unless it's cheetos or a lollipop!

Another sad truth is she is too young to appreciate it. But she loved talking about it! I decided to go over to my mom's house (since Aaron was still at work), to have some snowball fights with my 6 year old nephew. I knew he'd appreciate it! I'm still such a kid.

We then went home and I decided that I wanted to build a snowman because I knew Ava would love to look out the window and obsess over the "man" (she loves the word man for some reason). HA HA! So, I took her out to get it started, and when she realized she couldn't really walk around in the 7 inches, she was not very happy about it. Anything slowing her down is SO NOT COOL!
So...inside we went and I continued the building when Aaron got home from work. Here is the finished snowman!

It even has rhinestones for buttons and a rickrack nose! Ava was very excited about the "so-man". She would sit in the window sill all night and say "hiiii seet so-man" (hi sweet snowman).
sidenote: I have on about 3 layers of clothes and that cap on my head is barely hanging on so I look rather um frightening.

And on to the last adventure...snow ice cream! It was yummy!! Aaron thought I was crazy since he had never heard of it before. He was pleasantly surprised. I thought it tasted just like a wedding cake snowcone.

So, all in all it was just a wonderful day and I can't believe we actually had this winter wonderland in Texas!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Love letters to Mr. Mac

So, many of you may know that my husband is an Elementary School Principal. He loves his job, and just like any job, it has its ups and it has its downs. But for the most part, it's in the ups category. Aaron LOVES his job. And he is very good at what he does. I'm partial, but I know this to be true as well!
This past week he got some letters from the first grade students. They were showing off their great writing skills. He brought them home and boy did I get a kick out of reading them! You see, back when I taught I would say that one of the top ten faves of my job was deciphering little ones' spelling/writing. It is a hoot!! Check it out for yourself.

I love how this little one says that he is handsome not just some days, but EVERY day. And her asking what he does in his office is just greatness! I remember thinking the same thing as a kid. I thought the Principal probably just had a revolving door of kids bootay's to be spanked and parents to talk to. I was just glad I was never in there!!
Oh! And then I love how she asks if he has a wife. Nice to know he talks about me often, huh?!?! What's up with that?

This one cracks me up because of the last sentence. And for those of you that know Aaron, it should crack you up as well! You see, this sweet fellow likes his Principal's hairdo. That is so kind. The only thing is...his Principal hardly has any hair at all. In fact, Aaron's famous quote is that he combs his hair with a wet sucker every day...because that would be all it would take to fix the three strands he has! HA!!
And last is this cute one with lots of questions...

I will translate...
"Dear Mr. Mac,
You are a nice principal. You are kind. You are special. {although I like smeshal better!!}
How old are you? When is your birthday? Are you married? Do you have a baby? You are awesome. What is your last name?"
Is that not the cutest letter? I love the spelling of awesome for sure!! Once again, this kid has no idea about his wife and kid. I think we need to have a talk, Mr. Mac!!

Ok, I am going to post some pics of new stuff THIS WEEK, even if it is bad pics. This nasty rain has really delayed it in a bad bad way. So, I will just play dressup with Ava in the house cuz I am DYING to show you guys the latest!! Hope she cooperates.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

a SWEET Deal!

Happy Valentine's Week!
For a limited time...FREE SHIPPING on all orders.
When paying through paypal message me "BLOG SHIP" and I will reimburse you for shipping.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Beauty Products and Tips

I am jumping on board with a post about beauty products and tips. It's gonna be quick since I got work to do while the little one is napping...
Here we go!
I am all over the place with my make-up brands but stick to the same thing. Make sense? Clear as mud, huh! I will explain...
I will start with the essentials! I use Bobbi Brown for MOST of my makeup. They make the BEST concealer out there!! If I leave the house with no makeup on...I at least put on concealer. This stuff takes me from death to somewhat presentable! It looks like this

I HIGHLY recommend it!!!
Then, there is the second most important item...Mascara! For me, I like Lancome's Hypnose mascara. It is GREAT and makes my lashes look long and full! I wish I had time to do a before and after photo but I simply don't.

Next down the line is my foundation/base/what have you. Except I don't wear foundation nor base. I wear a moisturizer and I can't get it anywhere except on Amazon now days. Which is totally not cool because it is THE BOMB! I have turned soo many people on to this stuff. It is by Revlon and it's called Skinlights Instant Skin brightener. This little bottle makes my skin look super smooth, and gives it a total bronze without the tan, AND because it's a moisturizer it doesn't leave any yucky makeup lines. ALSO, it isn't all thick and "cakey" like some foundations seem to be. It has SPF in it so that's a plus too!

Ok, and while we are on the topic of bronzers I will include the blush I use...except it isn't really blush. It's a bronzer blush really! It's called a bronzer brick by Bobbi Borwn and this pic is of the bronze colors but I use the pink or rose or I don't know color brick. It is just a touch of pink and has that shimmer as well to give your cheeks an instant glow! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!

Last, is my eye liner. This little pot is the bomb diggity! Also by Bobbi Brown, it is gel eye liner and I just put it on with an eye liner brush. I've used tons of eyeliner and this one just can't be beat!

As far as motto is "less is more". I love to look natural with the makeup yet make my eyes pop with darker mascara and liner. I use nudes on my eyes but always make sure whatever I use, it compliments my brown eyes and dark eyebrows.

My other motto is "If you can't lose it, tan it!" HA!!!! I know tanning is a big no no now days! But I'm just saying.... A little tan or BRONZE goes a long way!

As far as hair..well that's a sour subject today! I went to dry my hair and my hair dryer (which I JUST bought might I mention) would not come on. So....I will not get into that topic just today!

I have some boy stuff to show and tons of spring clothing coming up SOOOOOOON! Just waiting for the rain to go away to get some pics!! It's coming though...and I am uber excited to show it all off!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TuTu Tuesday

Ava is not a girly girl.
Well, she's not USUALLY. Sometimes she can be.
Her dad tells me it's because she cares more about substance such as identifying unusual animals (for her age) such as a Macaw, a Camel, a Kookaburra, a Chameleon, and her favorite...a [Tasmanian] debil.
Who says shoes and playing dress up and having tea parties aren't of substance?
A man I suppose!
HOWEVER, Ava LOVES TuTus!! She loves to dance, twirling around the house in a TuTu listening to Thriller (I know they don't really go hand in hand but she doesn't care).
So, I found this TuTu swimsuit and it was just screaming "Monogram Me".
So, monogram I did...
And wear she did...




Hope you have a FABULOUS TuTu Tuesday!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Model Monday!

So, I am going to begin a new thing on Mondays.
I am going to post picture(s) of customers (or shall I say customers' baby/kid) that are sent to me in their SheShe Made clothing.
So, please send any pics you have of your darling dude or diva to and I will be sure to add him/her to the Model Monday lineup.
For this week, I am going to post a blog.
This PRECIOUS little girl turned one and I was pleased as punch to make her birthday outfit.
Go check it out!

SheShe Made
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After having my girly girl in April of 08, and spending oodles of money on one of a kind boutique, monogrammed clothing (with hairbows to match), I decided it was time to learn this trade myself before I went broke! I learned how to sew, embroider, and make hairbows in a matter of 3 months. What started as a hobby has turned into a dream come true. I quit my job as a teacher and now work from home when the little one sleeps. My life as a mommy and a boutique clothing designer/manufacturer/monogrammer is truly the best of both worlds!! I have big dreams for the future of my family and the future of SheShe Made. Thanks for joining me as I blog about the journey. Let me know if there is a bow or outfit you'd like custom made for you! Email me at and thanks for stopping by!

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