Tuesday, August 16, 2011

29 weeks (tomorrow)

How many weeks? 29 weeks tomorrow

Size of baby: Size of a butternut squash

Maternity Clothes: yes please! I mostly wear dresses because it's just so much easier. I've added bike shorts under the dresses because...well...I'm sure I don't have to go there.
I have reached the point where my maternity clothes are getting tight. Thus, I don't want to wear anything but stretchy clothes 24/7.

Gender: it's a BOY! Judd Richard

Movement: All the time. And he feels SO BIG. He loves to remind me he is in there. You know, as if I'd forget!

Sleep: Sleeping better these days which I'm thankful for!
What I Miss: This week I miss being active and emotionally stable!!! Ava and I went school supply shopping at WalMart and Dollar Tree the other day and I was DYING by the time we got home. Back sore and knees aching. I mean, ridiculous. All I could think was "and I'm only 28 weeks pregnant. This is NOT supposed to happen yet." I also have been an emotional wreck. I get so impatient with Ava and am so sensitive to anything anyone says. I have cried more this past week than I've cried in a year. Fer reals. I keep apologizing to my family and Aaron just tells me "It's okay. As soon as Judd is out of that belly we will get you some Prozac and everything will be all better." Haha! I love that man.
Cravings: Chocolate milkshakes and avocado. I mentioned on twitter today that I LOVE pimento cheese and avocado sandwiches and a few people were disgusted with that. I don't like pimento cheese in the tubs you get at the store. No WAY! I only like homemade pimento cheese. And lucky for me, my mom made some on Monday. IT IS THE BEST. And I just add a few slices of avocado to it and I die. If you are a fan of either of these....try it together on toasted bread! YOU WILL THANK ME. PROMISE!!!!
Other latest craving is yogurt parfaits. I make it with granola, vanilla yogurt, and fresh blueberries. SO GOOD!

Symptoms: My joints are starting to hurt after working long days on my feet. Still not wearing my wedding ring due to the alergic reaction. Back is hurting at the end of the days. I just am so big and miserable. Already. I cannot wait to have this baby and lose this weight!!

Best Moment this Week: Love feeling him move, but the best moment this week was that it cooled down and we got some rain. YAY!!!! I am so ready for cooler weather.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ava's Clothes:updated with what is left

I was mentioning on twitter the other day about needing to get rid of some of Ava's clothes. I had quite a few people ask me to list them on my blog so today I am doing just that.
If you are interested in anything, and by interested I mean want to claim anything, email me at sheshebows@yahoo.com
Thanks for looking!
These are all in EUC with no stains and most have been worn only a few times.
I'm not combining shipping bc I'm basically not charging shipping.
Sorry some of these came out sideways. But you get the idea.

                                24m/2T gingham summer dresses. $14 shipped

Chez Ami set with matching bow and reversible pants. 3T. A favorite of mine! $18 shipped

Olive Juice preppy navy sweater dress. Size 4T but fits as 3T. Worn once. Paid $38. $14 shipped

Bonnie Baby 18m houndstooth dress and bloomer set. $12 shipped

Cherokee black and cream dressy dress. 24m/2T New with tags. Paid $18. $9 shipped

                                      2T/3T three piece short set. $8 shipped

                                       Gymboree Capri set. 3T. $10 shipped

Janie and Jack skirt paired with Osh Kosh ruffle shirt. 2T/3T $12 shipped

                   24M summer nautical ruffle skirt set. runs big. $10 shipped

Potato Saks halter top tunic. 2T. $18 shipped

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anybody remember Rico Suave?
It's okay if you don't. I had know idea who Gerardo was or what Rico Suave meant. But Aaron says it sometimes and guess who caught on...

YouTube Video

She needs to be in acting I swear!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tiny Dancer

First off, Sheila is a little stinker isn't she?? That was the nicest thing she did and I am equally as blessed to have her!! Not many people can put up with my demanding nature, but she takes me (ALL of me) in stride every day. She is one of those friends that I know will ALWAYS be the best! Love her to pieces!!

We have had a CRAZY BUSY past few weeks in the McWilliams household.
It's been jam packed with so much fun for little miss Ava. Good thing for this weather has been less than desirable!
A few weeks ago Ava had a week full of ballet camp.
To say she loved it would be an understatement. She had such a great time and I knew she would. The girl loves to dance.
The girl loves music.
She loves ballet.
And she loves Swan Lake.
It was a week full of Swan Lake and each day I dropped her off she danced, ate a snack, and did a craft.
Is there really anything cuter than a little girl in ballet attire? I mean those ballet shoes. Sweet mercy!

On day three I picked her up and she was wearing a swan tiara she had made. Little princess!

On the last day they had a performance to show off what they learned during the week. I was very impressed!
We walked in the studio (us, Auntie, and Nee Nee) and she was so excited to show us her lipstick the teacher put on her.

Here is the video of her first part of the performance. In case you can't tell, Ava is the second from the left.

I still can't really figure out why the helper was showing Ava what to do? It looked like she was doing what all the other girls were doing. Oh well.
And here is the second part..
The end cracks me up that they were holding hands for so long! Precious girls.

Wasn't that pretty impressive for 3-5 year olds? For learning that in one week? I was amazed.
Here is Ava's ballet teacher, Ms. Rose.

Tiny little thing! I giggle because Ava is almost the same size as her!

I think I enjoyed getting Ava dressed each morning and putting her hair in a ballerina bun a little too much:)
My tiny dancer.

I'm so glad Ava had this fun week of ballet! She has been asking me when can she go back. Great news for her; she goes back in a few weeks for the fall semester!
And I hope each lesson poops her out just like this week did. I love anything to help her sleep just a little longer than usual.

The last two weeks have been just as fun and busy for Ava. Not much time for blogging but I'll be posting next about her other two week-long adventures!

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