Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Judd {10 months}


double digits!
I want to curl up in the fetal position and cry, Juddskey.
You are pretty much grown. And it's breaking my heart.
Weight: 26 lbs
Height: 31 inches
(98% for both)
Wears 18 months clothes
Size 4 diaper
Takes 4 bottles a day, 8 ounces at a time
Eats 3 meals a day and an afternoon snack after nap
Sleeps from 7pm-7am
Naps 2 times a day for two hours or more
You have 5 teeth and are cutting your 6th tooth. It makes for one FUSSY BABY especially in the afternoon/evenings for some reason.
What are you up to this tenth month?
This month has been my absolute favorite so far. Do I say that every month? I'm pretty sure I do. Each month just gets better and better with you! You got tubes in your ears a few weeks ago and the difference we see in you is remarkable, buddy!
You are now saying the following words:
bye bye
da da
ya ya (Ava)
shoo eee (when I change your diaper)
"unt unt" (my version of no no)
Let me explain the last word. Whenever you are doing something naughty I say "unt unt" in a growling voice to you. One day I caught you taking all the fabric scraps off the shelves in my work room and I said "unt unt" and you proceeded to pull them down while saying "unt unt" with each handful. Little stinker!! So now you will say "unt unt" when I say it first.
You are stanging up and getting to a standing position from sitting. You want to walk but you aren't quite sure how to put one foot in front of the other. Today I saw you stand up and then do some sort of gallop before falling. I am SO GLAD I got to witness that sight because it was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen you do. You were so proud of your move too. Or maybe you were just laughing with me?
You absolutely love being outside. As soon as anyone opens the frotn door you make a mad dash for it.
You started music together at TCU this month and you LOVE it! Your favorite song is "Where is the Beehive?" and if I need you to be still for a few seconds this is always my go-to song. I can sing it 10 times in a row and you never get tired of hearing it. The end of the song I tickle you while making the "buzzzzzzz" noise and you get SO excited when you know that part is coming.
This month you also had your baby dedication at church. Mommy and Daddy were so proud to show you off to the congregation and to make a public commitment to raise you up in a God fearing home that loves the Lord and puts Him first.
Your stranger anxiety is getting a tad better and you are getting more attached to other people besides just mommy. You get SO SO excited when daddy gets home from work and you want him to drop everything that minute and hold you. I love it because I know that it's such a hard thing for daddy to let go of his OCD, creature of habit ways such as check the mail and take out the trash as soon as he steps foot into the house. Haha!!
You have become super attached to your money lovey. I'm so happy about that! You love to eat his head and put the blankey part over your head while you go to sleep.
You have some sort of ball in your hand at all times. You LOVE balls and to throw them or bounce them. We can already tell that you are most definitely a right handed thrower. This shatters daddy's dreams of having a left handed pitcher but that's okay with mommy. She doesn't want you to get hurt and play ball. Ever! You are too sweet to play sports.
Strangers still mistake you for a girl 90% of the time but it's only because of your breathtaking eyes! The other day we were at the park and you were wearing a onesie with robots on it (clearly boyish attire) and someone asked me "how old is she?" right on cue. I told her you were a boy and she mentioned the eyes threw her off. That's the same conversation I have with strangers AT LEAST twice a week. Once you get more hair it will be easier to tell you are a boy, but right are still a beautiful baby!
Look how much you have changed since birth. This collage straight up gives me goose bumps.
We love you to the moon and back Judd-Bud!

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  1. What a sweet {big} boy!!

    Absolutely LOVE the 1st picture!!! :)


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