Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Swim Lessons

I knew Ava was going to love swimming when she was 6 weeks old. We took her to the pool and she was so content and just loved the cool water on her little newborn body.
Then, by the next summer, when she was 14 months old, I had her signed up for survival swimming lessons for ages 6months-2 years. I decided this class was the best option for my Ava, for I knew her fiesty, independent personality and I feared that because she had no fear, she would just jump in the first pool of water she came upon.
So we went and I had no idea what to expect, other than being told that babies would cry, and moms would too, but to remember that this class is to teach a baby to save themselves from drowning. And so I kept that in the back of my mind, and tuned out all the wailing for one week last summer. I was on a mission to teach Ava how to save her life if she were to get in a dangerous situation at the pool.
To my surprise, Ava hardly cried the entire week! Even through the dunking, the passing of babies to unfamiliar mommies/daddies, and even going off the diving board! She loved it! And she learned how to swim to the side of the pool when jumping in, holding on to the ledge, and then pulling herself out of the pool to "safety" (land).
Here's my little baldy last summer...

It was remarkable! She learned to hold her breath upon the count of three, and I learned some important tips as well.
Fast forward to a year later...

We decided to do a refresher class the beginning of June, and there were a few more tears this year, but I quickly learned that she was only crying because of the others crying. My girl has a lot of empathy! ;)

Sidenote: Sheila, my partner who I still have not officially introduced you to, is in the red swimsuit with her daughter, Gianna!

Miss Margaret, Ava's teacher, told me during this first week that Ava was ready to move to the 3-4 yr old class. So, I decided that we would give it a shot, although I had many doubts. I never doubted that Ava was ready to learn how to swim a longer distance, using the technique "touch and push" with her arms, and whatever else they may teach in that class. What worried me was that Ava had to WAIT HER TURN and sit still on the ledge of the pool while the other kids had their turn. I COULDN'T even fathom for a second that she would sit and listen. And to give her credit, she is only 26 months old.
However, her attention span is that of a goldfish.
Anyway, we gave it a shot, and yes, it was a beating trying to get her to sit still. I mean look at her naughty self giving me that face!!

We had to tell her to sit still 56,789 times in 45 minutes. She would cry and cry to get in the water or get up out of her spot. She was perfectly happy as long as she was in the water.

Or if she was getting to go off the diving board.

But don't make her sit still! Oh! And don't make her float on her back! If this girl thinks for a slpit second that she is not in control, she flips out. And being on your back is giving away some sense of control, apparently.
Look at that pitiful face, refusing to straighten out her legs and relax!

Swimming to Miss Margaret after jumping off the diving board.

And here is a video of her swimming the length of the pool with Miss Margaret's son. Ava loved him! Notice at the end he says something about her using her left arm. This is because she swims with her right arm doing the touch and push, while her left arm stays in the back. It is so funny! I guess she thinks she can get the job done just as well with only using her right arm. Which actually, seems to work for her. It just looks a bit odd!

I am so thankful my girl took these lessons and we look forward to putting them to great use much of the summer!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Meet Corrianne!

Isn't that a cute name? It fits this little cutie pefectly, too!

Corrianne's mom, Greta, asked me to make Corrianne a first birthday shirt and matching headband, and she said she didn't care what I did with it. I decided to go with lavendar and lime colors as I just love that color combo!

When Greta got the shirt and headband she emailed me to tell me she was so excited because the colors were so Corrianne and it fit her personality perfectly.
I know exactly what she means about an outfit/ensemble fitting a personality, so that was a HUGE compliment!
Getting an A+ on a custom order always puts a smile on my face!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hi folks!
One more week of free shipping on orders $60 or more.

Just put "JUNE SPECIAL" in the message box when directed to Paypal.
And while your at it, have fun checking out some of the new stuff added to the site.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hey there cupcake!

I have had a craving for cupcakes lately. I guess the craving officially started back on July 9, 1982. That's the blessed day I came out of my mother's womb.
Always been a cupcake fan.
Well, always been a cake fan. Not so much chocolate. But vanilla, strawberry, anything fruity or creamy. But not really chocolate.
Anyway, I have been dying to try out this local cupcake shop in Funky town called The Cupcake Cottage.

This little place is owned by a husband and wife who wake every morning at 4am and bake flavors of the day until about 10am when they open up shop. They stay open from 10am until the last cupcake sells. They alternate with about 5 flavors of the day, ranging from Chai and Key Lime, to Red Velvet and German Chocolate.
I had been checking their website from time to time to go on a day when I wanted to try a specific flavor. And I knew I needed to get there a little early to get what I wanted.
So, we made a day of fun things last Friday, one of which involved stopping at The Cupcake Cottage!

Aaron called ahead and had them put aside some cupcakes just in case we didn't get to sample ALL the flavors from that day! haha!
Here is the box of cupcakes that were waiting for us to pick up!

The flavors you are eyeing are confetti, cookies and cream, and pink lemonade. YUMM!
While we were there we decided to go ahead and order a peach one to eat in the shop. Y'ALL! It was made from fresh local peaches!!
Did I tell you they make all of their cupcakes with fresh ingredients and fresh fruit is chopped and inside every fruit flavored cupcake?!?!
Look at the peaches inside...

Play by play of my little ragdoll (her bow was left in the car and she is working the Tim Urban/Justin Bieber hairdo) enjoying her first cupcake.
Notice I said FIRST...

And here's my cupcake. Forgive the freckled dork in the picture.

It really was a yummy cupcake.

Until someone came over and snatched it out of my hands and then it became her SECOND cupcake of the day.

In the words of some lame McDonald's commercial...She knows what good is.

We had a great time experiencing The Cupcake Cottage and I can't wait to go back and try the Pina Colada AND strawberry cupcakes. I will be watching the website like a hawk for those two to appear!

Cupcakes = A little slice of heaven!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm getting better at posting on Monday, huh?!?!
Some of our absolute favorite pieces to make are the ones for birthdays and special celebrations.
I get a little excited when I get an email in my inbox asking to help create a custom birthday outfit. Sometimes it's just that mom has a theme/colors all picked out and she wants me to use my imagination and come up with something cute. Other times mom has it all planned out in her head and just wants to know if I can do it and find cute fabric to create her idea. Just lately, I have had a few moms email me telling me they were planning their daughters' birthdays around an outfit we already have. That's fun too!
Almost always I post the newest birthday creation on my website so that others can see the possibilities, or perhaps purchase it as is. This is one custom birthday dress that we sell a ton of!

And that little cutie is miss Hannah. She turned the big 1 a few months ago and her mom sent the sweetest email to me after receiving her SheShe Made dress.
"Hi Ashley. I just received Hannah's first year jumper. You did a FABULOUS job! Thank you so much. I have passed your name on to a few friends. I don't do that very often. Once again, thank you SO much!" -Cindy
There is nothing more rewarding to this job than the sweet emails from happy customers. NOTHING!
Thanks again, Cindy, for sharing your adorable little Hannah with us, and for your kind email. Also, it was a pleasure to meet you and both of your adorable girls the other day! I always enjoy meeting customers in real life!!

We are off to swim lessons round two. The swim instructor suggested that I bring Ava back and put her in the 3-4 yr class. I am a little nervous that my 2 yr old will be unruly and stand out among the 3-4 yr olds. I mean, I cannot see her sitting still on the ledge and listening to directions. AT ALL!!!! I'll let ya know!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day

Happy Father's Day

to a man among men

and a dad among fathers.

We both love you to the moon and back

and we thank you for your love, protection, guidance, and selflessness you show each and every day.

You are the greatest husband and daddy we could ever ask for.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

10 year Reunion and Father's Day Prep

So, my reunion was fun! I was so anxious about going because I hadn't seen ANYBODY (well, with the exception of 2 people) since high school. Tell ya anything??
Here is a confusing math problem for you...
I was very close with about 10 people in high school. We did EVERYTHING together. All but 3 of those 10 people were in different grades than me. And out of those 3 that were in my grade, 2 were boys. Boys don't come to reunions as much as chicks it appears. Anyway, so I went with the remaining 1 that was in my circle of friends.
Here is Mindy and I at the reunion.

Mindy stayed in touch with the group of girls that I occasionally hung out with "back in tha day" in our grade. We met up with them beforehand, got ready in a hotel together, and ended up having tons of fun the entire night! It was so good to see everyone, although there were a handful of people that I really wanted to see. And yup, they didn't come :(. It was good to catch up and we agreed we need to have yearly reunions! So fun!!

We have this new pottery painting place in our town that I have been wanting to check out so bad. So, in preparation for Father's Day, we decided it was a perfect time to check it out! We needed to make daddy a gift from Ava.

One of my very best friends, Amy, and her 2 month old baby girl, Avery. Aren't they both beautiful?

Sweet Beckham waiting patiently to paint.

Because, in case you didn't notice in the first picture, my sweet Ava was standing in the chair, and would not sit still for more than about 10 seconds. And the place only had one high chair.
At what age do they sit still for more than 10 seconds?????
Anyway...back on topic.
Play by play of the hand painting.

We're also getting daddy a new grill since the one we have catches fire. Not exactly a good thing.
Wait, I guess it is a good thing for grills to catch fire.
But its not a good thing for grills to shoot high flames upon ignition.
My guess is that it's a simple problem that could be fixed. But neither of us are what you'd call the handy type.
But I will save all that for another post.

Off to get ready for another fun day. We're having a few friends over to make little dirt cakes for the kids and then I'll be knocking out more orders during nap time!
It's been a productive week.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Dropping in super super quick to post this beautiful SheShe Made birthday girl.

This is Abby and we made her shabby chic zebra applique shirt, bow, and flip flops to match her birthday colors/theme.

Don't you just love these colors together? I can't wait to do a birthday or shower in these colors myself!

Abby is such a beautiful girl! Thanks, Katie, for sharing her pics with us.
And email me at sheshebows@yahoo.com if you'd like something similar to this set.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Where did we go???

Here are just a few of the reasons I have been a bad blogger lately...

We are almost sold out of the June special spaghetti strap dress! Only 2 more sizes of 2 left, and 4 more of the size 4 left.

Also, I am thinking about taking a break for the month of July. I hope Sheila is in on this plan, as I have yet to talk it over with her. But I have a feeling she will be, as she is a mom to FIVE kids and it's summer vacation and I can just imagine her house and family need her a tad more than usual. Ha! Family comes first and this is why we chose this journey to endeavor, and although the site will remain open, we will close down etsy and not take any custom orders during the month. So, if you are looking for a custom made birthday outfit, and need it during July or beginning of August, I'd get your order in soon.
At the moment, our turnaround time has gone from 1-2 weeks to 3-4 weeks. We are so beyond blessed for the business and hope our customers understand that production time is just a taking a little longer than it used to.
We have both worked super hard this week, in between taking our babies to swim lessons. Pictures of that to come soon.
Until then, I have a 10 year reunion tomorrow night that I have to go prepare for. Eeeek! Reunions stress me out because in my mind I feel like people only go to these things to see who got fat and ugly. I mean, come on? Am I wrong? At least I am only about 10 pounds heavier than high school.

Surely my tan will hide those 10 pounds.
After all, my motto in life is "If you can't lose it, tan it."

I got my first spray tan, and I am still trying to decide if I look sunkissed or Jackolantern ambushed. It's a toss up. I'll let you all decide...

I woke Aaron up from a nap to take this picture and it is such a bad angle and I look 5 months pregnant but oh well. I didn't want to make him take another since he was sleeping, afterall. He barely even got my legs to give you the full picture.

Hope you are doing well! Enjoy your weekend and yes, I will be adding all of these pictured items to the website SOON SOON SOON!

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