Thursday, September 29, 2011

Christmas Sneak Peek {SheShe Made}

Snowmen, candycanes, ornaments, and sock monkeys. These are just a FEW PEEKS at our Christmas items we are rolling out for SheShe Made Christmas Collection 2011. While we wanted to add so much more, we had to say enough was enough and trust that our customers would be very satisfied with the selection chosen.


(can you even HANDLE these tights?!?!)

Monograms, appliques, smocked dresses and ruffle tights. It's all pretty much enough yumminess to make your season merry and bright!!

There will be EVEN MORE to come next week! Think elf shoes and little red wagons, lollipops and gumdrops. Keep up to date when the Christmas items go up for sale on by following us on facebook!

Special thanks to Sarah Carlson Photography out of DFW Texas and Tracy Marshall Photography out of Severna Park Maryland for most of the images.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Judd's "Little Man" Shower

This weekend four of my best girls threw me a shower at my house. I had been so excited about this day for obvious reasons, but also because Sarah (who lives in Oklahoma) would be coming in town to spend the weekend with me, and the other girls, Jenn and Angie, would be sleeping over as well. Oh! And getting to show off our new home to friends and family was an added bonus.  It was a crazy weekend indeed, but oh so fun!!  

I didn't get many pictures, and the ones I did take weren't that great, so I am borrowing these all from Sarah's blog post. She said it was okay;)

My family of 3.5. Aaron was such a big help on this day. He took Ava and Manny, Sarah's little boy, to his school gym for the beginning of the shower. He said it was a great preview of what's to come with a girl and a boy in tow. Ava came back while I was opening gifts and wanted to open all of them herself. She was a little disappointed in bottle nipples and washcloths, but many shower guests were so sweet to bring her a wrapped gift. I have THE BEST friends and family. Always so thoughtful!

Me and the shower hostesses, Angie, Jenn, and Sarah...minus good 'ol Sheila. I'm sure she was working hard behind the scenes as she always is. I love these girls so much and thank God for bringing me such genuine, selfless, class act buddies to do life with. It's funny because I met half of this crew on the internets. Haha! Yes, there are crazies in the internets, but there are also PURE JEWELS and I have found two of them. I feel like I've known all of these girls my whole life. We chat in some way every single day, and I seriously don't take any one of these friendships for granted. LOVE THEM TO PIECES!!

The amazing food set up! I want this food right now, at 9am. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! And aren't the food cards too adorable?

Jenn's friend Molly made the most precious cookies. If you are local, you need to check her out. Email me for details. And the mustache frame? Isn't that the greatest? Ava is obsessed with mustaches right now so she is still digging these mustache cookies!
Thanks again, girls, for throwing such a FABULOUS shower. I feel so loved by each of you!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Maternity Pictures

I never had maternity pics taken with Ava. I was FAR too swollen and would barely let a camera of any sorts come near me. Woof! It was bad. But this time around I'm just bigger as expected, but not swollen. And I wanted Ava to be in a few of the pictures, so I decided to get just a few taken.
I am so glad I did!
Here are a few of my favorites...

This one is not a favorite bc of my pudgy arms but one of the only ones of my face.

Got this idea off Pinterest...

So, there it is. Mr. Judd belly at 33 weeks. All of these photos were taken by the talented Sarah Carlson. She is local and she does SUCH a great job. Email me if you are interested in her info or you can find her on facebook! Sarah Carlson Photography.
Hope you all are having a lovely week!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Judd's Nursery

The baby boy's room is finally ready to share!! In fact, it's ready for baby boy to get here too. Just 7 more weeks and we will get to share his room with him. The room designed with love just for him.
Until his big debut...I am excited to share with you all!
Welcome to Judd's little space!
I painted these letters for both kids' doors. Ava's is pink with green & white striped ribbon.

I have always wanted a yellow nursery and said that if we had a boy I wanted to do primary colors but no theme, and so this is what emerged.

Here is the main view of the room and the striped wall. I had a hard time deciding on yellow or gray walls and in the end I went with Benjamin Moore's "Haystack" for the walls, with the gray stripes on the main back wall in Sherwin Williams' "Essential Gray". I got the rug this past weekend at Ikea, so that explains why it's still kind of lumpy. I guess I need to try and iron it.

I found the big letters at JoAnn's and painted them red. We also added the chair rail on that one wall.
We decided to reuse Ava's furniture as it is the crib, dresser, and armoire and it really took up too much space to convert and put in her room in this new house.

The bedding is from polka tot designs. I chose the "Taylor" bedding for my inspiration but added in all the reds as it was solely yellow and gray.  

Changing table/dresser wall. I ordered extra fabric from polka tot designs and one of SheShe Made's seamstresses made the window treatments, the pillow, and the nightstand cover. I am very pleased with how it all came out!!

Here is the nightstand covers she made. The red overlay is gray on the bottom so I can switch it out. The circle arrangement on the wall is basically just various fabrics hooped through embroidery hoops. I saw this on pinterest and had to do it! I got the polka dot diaper/wipes basket from Container Store.

Here is a close up of the curtain. It's yellow damask. I NEED a blackout liner or something under it. I just haven't found exactly what I'm looking for yet.

The glider used to be in our living room in our old house and although I hate the color of it in the nursery, sometimes I just have to tell myself to let things go. Haha! I will want it in there for those late night feedings I know. I got that precious knit blanket at Ikea this past weekend. The laundry basket is from Container Store.

This is his coming home outfit hanging on the wall. The wooden train is part of a train set was given to my brother by my nanny when he was a little boy. My nanny passed away when I was 11 and it always was a special "toy" in our house. It's also one of the very few things my mom didn't give away to Goodwill. I want to find a small stand up "J" to put in the green boxcar.  

I got this red toy chest on Zulily for a great deal. It's similar to the ones at Land of Nod, just made cheaper basically:) I plan on keeping his swaddle blankets, stuffed toys/animals, and teether toys, etc. in these bins. The name blocks were purchased on Etsy and I am very happy with the quality! His bookends are baseball players. The tiniest bit of a "theme" (if you can even call it that) is baseball. That was dad's choice as he is an ex baseball player. He has a few more baseball trinkets around the room as well. The shoes were monogrammed by yours truly and I sure hope they fit him to complete his coming home ensemble.
There is also a painting with my favorite boy quote going up above the toy bin. It had a little mishap during shipping but we can't wait to see the finished product soon!
So, there it is!
And now we wait for this sweet little bundle's arrival. In the meantime, I will continue to go in his room daily and "straighten" up all the letters, blankets, and pictures that Ava takes down to "play with" on his floor.

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