Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Win a $20 gift certificate to SheShe Made!!!

EDITED TO ADD: Leave a separate comment for each time you share about us! For example if you blog, that is one comment. If you twitter, that is another comment. This allows you more odds that I pick your name! Make sense? Sorry I wasn't very clear.

Wanting a new summer outfit for your sweet lil babe?
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Now is your chance to win a $20 gift cerificate to SheShe Made. Can be used toward any purchase!

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Giveaway will end on Friday, April 2nd.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Weekend Recap {in pictures}

It was a weekend full of egg hunts and we had a great time! Ava had way more candy than any 1 year old EVER needs to even think about!

Now that she's worn this dress twice, I think I need to buy her another dress for Easter. This has already been over-worn. Wouldn't you agree??

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A few more new items

I wanted to show you all a few other things I have been working on. These are among some of my favorites. Ha! Is that even necessary to say? It's all my favorite!
Except Elmo.
I'm tired of that monster.
JUST KIDDING! I love to give Elmo smack.
The first two pictures are of things we made for two of my favorite blog readers! So I am excited to share.
Here is the skirt version of the swirl pants I did a few weeks ago. I am so please with how it came out!!

This was made for a sweet, sweet blog reader's daughter and she got the pants as well, for her younger daughter. We enjoyed making these for you, Kelly!

This bandana pillowcase dress turned out super cute for little miss Jilian. I had two friends stop by this weekend and they both had a fit over it. I guess that's a good sign!

Jessica, if you are reading, I know we talked about doing it on the bandana part of the dress, but I had a wild hair and just knew it would stand out more and look so much better down on the cow print. Hope you agree!

Last, is a baby shower gift set I made for a local customer. Audrie's nursery is done in pink and brown and so I picked out these fabrics to go with the color scheme.

I think I want to call this set "Neopolitan". We're going to offer all items for sale on the website, sold separately, since towels are going to soon be offered only for local customers.

We had a fun weekend full of egg hunts and sunshine. I will blog about that tomorrow!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coming up for air

So, can I just tell you all that THIS OUTFIT has totally worked me over like nobody's business since I posted it.

And as I stand over my machine, staring at Elmo basically 5 hours a day this week, I can't help but ask myself....how does that outfit beat this one????

Maybe I am just not keen on what the customer WANTS!! I need to work on that! Haha!
Here are a few other things we have done this week.

More new items to come within the week!

And last...I have to share my joy of another HUUUUGGGE milestone in Ava's life. I asked her if she wanted me to paint her toenails today, thinking she would blow me off or tell me nope.
She said "too-nails? pitty? yes!!"
So off I went (okay maybe I just skipped) to my bathroom to get the nail polish. Deep down I was preparing for a disaster as she is a little weird about things on her hands and feet and she is NEVER still.

I was more than stoked!

And so was she!

Back to one on one time with Elmo.....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And the winner is...

Beth! Please email me at sheshebows@yahoo.com, Beth, so you can get your hands on a pair of these...

Monday, March 22, 2010

A little something...

for my 100th follower.
So, get to following!!
Not sure what the prize will be yet. But it will be good!

Now, pardon me. I'm headed back to these...


This weekend we had the opportunity to drive down to Fredericksburg, Texas to celebrate these two guys' birthday. They are almost EXACTLY 2 years apart. 2 years and about a week.

That's my cousin and we have been close since we were teeny tiny. Doesn't she look like Selma Blair??
And I had the opportunity to make their birthday outfits. Check them out!

Can you guess the theme of the party????

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Weekend Getaway

We had a great time visiting extended family in central Texas this weekend. Ava was such a great road tripper and she didn't even nap in the car much. She is not a car napper and prefers her bed big time, so I was worried about the 3.5 hour trip. But she had her cousin to keep her entertained.

They got skittles and Sprite and watched a few movies so they were in kid heaven!
Ava enjoyed roaming free in the hill country.

She also enjoyed giving hugs to her family she doesn't get to see too often.

She also learned how to have a tea party.

MAN I cannot believe I never thought to have a tea party with her. Looks like we will have lots of tea parties planned in our future!

We posed for a few pics with my brother and his son. We don't have any pics like this so we were excited both kids cooperated!!

Meanwhile, daddy was being his usual self over in the corner

Such a dork! Ha!!
We celebrated two birthdays while out of town, and they will be featured in Model Monday tomorrow. So stay tuned!
Hope you all had a great weekend.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Her Birthday Outfit

So...this is it!

This is Ava's birthday outfit. I'm so so excited about how it turned out. Although, I'd much rather us make her a frilly dress. But at 2 years old, they get to make the rules...

At least it isn't a character is all I keep telling myself. HA!! Sheila, my SheShe partner, made this set and like I said before, I love it! Even better, Ava BEGS to wear it daily. That is a PLUS for sure!
This set will be added to Etsy and our website soon. The fabric store is running low on some of this fabric, so it won't be available for much longer.
WHICH makes me love the set that much more.
I am a sucker for one of a kind and hard to find items. Oh yes I am!

Here is my question though...should I stick with a white shirt for underneath or do a different color? If yes on color, which one? Oh! And I'm making her matching yellow piggie bows too!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lady's Day

Today was such a fun day! I had lunch with four of my most favorite girls in the world. We have been friends since childhood and every time we get together it's as if not a moment has passed since the last we saw of eachother. Don't you just love those friendships where you can always pick up right where you left off? The ones that are effortless? THOSE ARE RARE!
Here we are eating lunch at Mi Cocina.

I look miserable since I did go to bed at 4am. Uggh!
And this picture just cracks me up!

She is such a funny little thing. She was so good and she just loves these girls almost as much as I do! And almost as much as she loves queso.

She loves "Meckisan food" too!
March Madness has definitely been the title of our March here at SheShe Made. Sheila(my old but new business partner whom I will introduce to you all soon) and I have been burning the midnight oil more than ever this month and here are some of the latest custom orders we have done...
This is the same fabric as the Harper Birthday pants worn and inspired by little Harper from Kelly's Korner

I love it as a dress too. There are only 2 left and if interested, it's available for purchase on our Etsy shop.
Next, is an order that I had fun with. This is for Melissa, and she ordered number shirts for all of the cousins.

Her little Grayson will be here soon and she wanted something for all cousins to wear upon Grayson's arrival. Isn't that a cute idea??
And this is a little newborn set I made for Grayson.

I JUST LOVE that it is blue, but not traditional baby blue.

Last, is this owl bib I made for a baby shower for a friend. I am in love with it. Just a tad! If Ava wasn't so messy and didn't require the huge food trapper bibs, I'd so be making her this!

Ok, we are headed out of town tomorrow to here! I will be back Saturday and then next week we will do another SPRING SPECIAL so stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break

So this week is Spring Break for tons of people. Including my husband. Which means...we have lots of family things planned. And he has lots of "babysitting" to do. Sidenote: Anybody else get very irritated when dads think they "babysit" their own children. Haha! I know at least one person who will be commenting on that. Ha!
Ok, so really. It just means I get to stay up past 3 am and sleep in past 11am so that is GREAT GREAT GREAT!
March has been a crazy busy month for SheShe Made and I am SO SO SO SO SO blessed for all of my loyal customers that keep coming back for more, and for you all spreading the word about SheShe Made. I could cry and cry tears of joy for the way this adventure has fulfilled my life, my family, my dreams of being a stay at home mommy AND letting out creative energy.
Yes. I get very tired at times.
And I love the connection I get to make with people from all over who share my love in dressing their babes up in custom clothing.

In fact, I mailed 10 packages this morning. And I mailed 8 or 9 on Friday. I was so happy to send them off. So, if you ordered from us within the past week, good news. You are getting your package early. This doesn't mean everyone that ordered. But most. Sometimes I have to wait on supplies to ship to me first before I can begin orders... It's all a waiting game when it comes to custom, handmade items. BUT WORTH THE WAIT INDEED!

Ok, so here is what daddy and Ava have been up to so far this week...

And I will close with this....
Can anybody tell me what is wrong with this picture?!!??!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

2 Year Olds

So, this weekend I have been thinking about what to get this little cutie for her 2nd birthday.

She needs NOTHING that is for sure. I'd love to get her a swingset but we are trying to sell our house so we'd like to wait until we get settled into another home before we do that.
I'm wondering if any of you guys have any good suggestions. Those that have already done the 2 year old thing? Any big hits? Ava LOVES stuffed animals (I know. Boring.) and she loves music and dancing. She isn't a big babydoll fan though. She also loves to wear tutus and so maybe I should put together a dress up trunk. Although I just envision her using this as something else she can completely empty out its contents onto the floor,a nd then relocate all of its contents to another place in the house. That's another hobby of hers.

Anyway, please do share!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


ELMO SET IS $34.99 on ETSY
All will be added to the website soon!

So this month and next are full of birthdays. WOWZERS!! I have been making birthday outfits based solely on requests lately. And it's always so much fun for me to make something new. Like A LOT of fun! I am such a dork you guys.
Here's what we've got...
For all the Elmo lovers out there! Ava saw this and kissed and hugged it for about 10minutes. I think I need to make her one soon!

I am SOOOOO not a fan of characters of any type. I have always said my children would only get to wear characters on their underwear. But this I just might allow! I mean, it's monogrammed and all so it balances it out!

And this is a Mickey outfit for a little boy celebrating his birthday in Disney World.

The name could go underneath, but his mom didn't want a name on it.

Last, is a birthday outfit for an outdoor park birthday. Mom wanted it bright and springish looking. I decided to go with pink and green and I AM SO IN LOVE with the fabric combinations. I apologize about the dead grass. So classy, right?

We are in the process of making this in a dress with the double ruffles just like the pants! Can't wait!! And yes, it will be for Ava. Just in case you were wondering...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The life of a child

Ava's first personal ice cream cone. Eating it all by herself in a matter of minutes.

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