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Popular Baby Names according to the Monogram Industry

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Kelly's Korner is doing a link up on Baby Names. I thought it was funny because I had already planned on doing a post today about Names in regards to the "monogramming industry". It's funny because I feel like I can tell you hands down the most popular names for specific ages, just based on what we sell and in what sizes. Here is what I mean...
For A-Line dresses, which are more for the toddler girls, the names we see over and over are the following:
-Kaylee, Kayleigh, Katelynn
-Kinley, Kinsey

For the Initial Butt Onesies, which are for babies obviously, the names we see most frequently are the following:
-Ava (go figure)
-Lilly, Lily, Lillie
-Layla, Laila
-anything Kate...Sarah Kate, Molly Kate, Jilian Kate, Ella Kate, Anna Kate

For the boys, the names we see mostly are the following:

Names I've seen that are different but I love:

And for the TOP THREE NAMES that we see at least 3 times a month:

Isn't that funny?!?!? They are very similar names and those are the top 3 without a doubt. So, if you are having a girl or hope to have a girl, and you are crazy for monogrammed clothing, and would prefer hand me downs to cut down on costs....these are great name choices for you. Haha!!

As for my name preference, we, (clearing throat) I mean I, have had my heart set on Ava since Reese Witherspoon named her daughter that back like 10 years ago. I just loved it and thought it was beautiful and not very common. Well, of course it became very popular but I had already made up my mind and if you know me, once I have my mind made up, that's the way it goes...
We named her Ava Joyce because my mom, grandmother, and great grandmother all had the middle name of Joyce. I wanted to carry on the Joyce torch and thought it was a great way to honor three wonderful women.

When it comes to boys...we have no idea! We never agreed on anything other than a middle name of Richard since it was Aaron's dad's name. And to this day we don't even really talk about boy names. We always talk about girl names. You see, Aaron has his mind made up that we are only having girls and he is going to be just like Charles (is that his name??) Engles.
Our girl names are Anna Lake, Violet Lake, Anna Belle (Aaron's mom's middle name is Belle), Piper Hope, and Annalee Hope. But none of those I am dead set on. We would love to stick with the "A" names and also prefer for the name to be not so long since our last name is long. So who knows!!!

Names are just so fun.
So are weekends.
Hope you have a great one!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful mothers out there!!!!!!!!
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