Thursday, May 20, 2010

For the sake of tooshies

Ok, I know this is a blog mostly for my business and sometimes I like to make it more personal with pictures and tidbits from the home front. But that's mostly because my blog followers are my customers...past (hopefully minimal.ha), present, and future.
And I love my customers! And since my customers are 99.5% moms of babies and toddlers, I feel I must share this issue that could very well help you out.
So...let me explain where I am going with this.
I have an online group of mommy friends whom I "met" on babycenter while I was pregnant with Ava back in late 2007. The 13 of us became very close throughout our pregnancies and merged over to Yahoo to continue our friendship in a private group setting. Since late 2007, we have had multiple reunions, our husbands and kids have come to know eachother fairly well, and we still are a very close group of women. We all live totally different lives and come from various upbringings/cultures, etc. but we share one thing in common: first time mommies going through the ups and downs of parenthood. We are fortunate to have eachother and to share some things we would never want to share with the "real world" for fear of rejection, embarrassment, name calling, or what have you! Ha!
Anyway, about a month ago one of the moms noticed that her tot was throwing a bit of a fit about diapers. She wanted her diaper off and cried everytime she got changed. Then, my friend noticed her little one had a red blister on her private parts. She mentioned it to us, and sure enough, three other moms IN OUR GROUP OF 13 I MIGHT ADD, noticed the same sort of issue going on with their little ones'.
It became clear that 3 out of 13 kids in our group were all suffering from chemical burns from the new Pampers Dry Max diapers. They all had used the diapers.

Weird thing is, I accidently bought the baby dry diapers or else we might have had the same sort of situation happen to Ava.
You can read more about my friend's story over on her blog.
This post may be irrelevant and these diapers may be working out just fine for you. But if it helps at least one person connect the dots to any issues they might see going on related to these new diapers and some sort of rash/burn on their child, I will be glad I got the word out as best as possible.

Now, back to the basics of dresses, bows, bibs, and onesies...
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