Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Weekend

Friday afternoon we headed to a spring Festival in Ft. Worth. It was a blast for all three of us. I had fun looking at vendor booths, Aaron had fun eating, (well I had fun with that as well!), and Ava had fun playing!
The weather was great and we just enjoyed being outdoors.

Taking a break eating some Dippin Dots. Yum Yum!

Ok, these next pictures are step by step action shots of the funniest thing. It was a "baby boot camp" inflatable as I called it and Ava went up this thing 13 times!!!

It was hilarious to watch her tumble over the obstable course and climb this huge ladder tower thing (huge for her size) while all the older kids waited behind her S_L_O_W self. And then to see her hair flying up in the air as she flew down the slide was just tooooooo funny. We were in tears watching her. She has a fear of NOTHING!!

Freaky man on stilts...

I love this pic as it shows how TALL my little 2 year old is.

Can't go to a festival without eating a Turkey Leg. It's just protocol people!

She was saying "get wup" goat. She wanted that darn goat to get up and play with her. She loves all petting zoos I tell ya. She is not my kid! I am just fine seeing animals in magazines, movies, and from afar. When I have to smell them, it's just not as cute for me.

Saturday we had our Mom's group annual anniversary picnic at the park. Here is our family photo taken in front of that amazing backdrop painted by some of the moms in our group. The theme was "Alice in Wonderland." It was very cool!

We didn't dress up. We were just happy to be there with our full weekend as it was.
Did Ava ever leave the playground, however??
Not really.
She barely ate her lunch, she missed the pinata, and she could care less about socializing.
All she wanted to do was play!!

And slide!

This girl could be outdoors every day of her life if we would let her!
Later that evening we went to eat at a fancy restaurant while the grandparents watched Ava. She had a ball playing at their house!
Ava and Pappy being silly for the camera...

Playing with cars and baseballs.

She has a little drawer at Pappy and May's house with all kinds of toys, including balls and cars and little men and all kinds of old school toys from when Aaron and his siblings were little. She goes straight for that drawer without fail every time she visits. It's her favorite!!
Today we just laid low and tried to recoup from our busy weekend. Her Auntie dressed her up as a Ballerina (Ava is obsessed with Ballet...and balls and cars. She is well rounded I like to say).

Doesn't she look so grown up in this picture?!?!?! Where did my baby go???? Goodness gracious it makes me sad!
Practicing a ballet move...

Wrapping up the weekend this evening, chilling outside with Lucy.

Yes, she still has a pacifier. Don't judge. She mainly gets it at sleep time, but she was grumpy today and we were home so I gave in to save my sanity. Haha!

What about you? How was your weekend?????
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