Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let's go to the movies!

I'm randomly posting about the movies in between the vacation posts because I left this out and don't want to forget about it.
Firsts are important milestones, ya know!
Daddy left for his business conference on Sunday July 18th. After church and nap, I decided to take Ava to see Toy Story 3. I figured it would go one of two ways. She'd love it so much she'd sit still, or she would be all squirmy or loud, meaning she wasn't into it obviously, and we'd just leave. I'd never know if I didn't try it out, so I was up for the challenge if that's what you call it!

We got in the car to go and she was so excited! I told her we were going to a theater and she would get to watch a "noomie" as she calls them. I also informed her that she would get to eat popcorn, eat candy, and drink coke (we call soda coke. So if I need to get technical, I'm referring to sprite). She was so ready to watch "Toy Store" in the "feater".
Too cool for school, walking without a hand in the parking lot (so I could get snap picture).

When we first walked into the theater, it was empty. I thought to myself "Sweet! No worries of her being too loud or squirmy." No such luck. It packed up within ten minutes of that thought!
Huge drink? Check!

Huge popcorn and 3D glasses? Check!

We were ready for the noomie to begin!

She sat through the entire movie and was so entralled with it all. She was a little loud at times but so were other kids so it wasn't bad. She would say "Wook momma. Toy Store" and the movie had been playing for at least 15 minutes already. No kidding Ava. We established that 15 minutes ago. It was sweet. And then it was "Buzz! Woody!" Every time they appeared on screen!
But her favorite character of all is Slinky. She calls him Slink, and in her cutest Texas toddler accent she says "Swayyynk". I just giggle every time she talks about Slink!
When the movie was over was when things got a little hairy. She started bawling when we were leaving because she didn't want it to be over. We got in the parking lot and it was meltdown city. She kept saying "No over. No over. More Toy Store." And just how do you explain to a 2 yr old that it's over? Ha! So I told her to dry it up and we'd go look for a Toy Story doll at Target. She didn't have any memorabilia and I thought it was appropriate for her first movie experience.
Right? Not spoiling her at all.
It was a necessity.

She is still telling everyone about going to the movies a little over a week later, and I'm so glad she had such a great time! She loves to talk about it on the phone to her grandparents. She makes me laugh! :)

We had so much fun on our little movie date and I look forward to doing it again!
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