Friday, July 30, 2010

Her future's so bright!

We embarked upon potty training this week and it has been loads of fun! I was waiting until we got back from vacation to "test the waters" and so we gave it a go on Tuesday.

I just left her bottomless for all of Tuesday, most of Wednesday, and Thursday morning. She had quite a few accidents on day one, and found her preferred spot to her closet! That was day one.

Then on day two she did better, had fewer accidents and even pooped in her potty twice! We were super excited. But I also gave her popcorn and let her color and play with stickers while sitting in her potty chair and watching Toy Story. So that helped a lot. Duh!

By day three I made up a treat jar to give her prizes after she went in her potty. She loved this and was highly motivated. But she also wanted a treat every 10 seconds.
Um no.
That's not how it works.
She would run to me and say "I potty!!! Yay! Good girl Awuh. Yay!" And I would run over to see. Nope. Nothing. She would then tell me "Cayndy momma. Cayndy".
Um no.
She did eventually go, and I let her pick out a treat. She had stickers, fruit snacks, candy, and some little party favor toys to choose from. She went again as soon as we got home from the grocery store. I let her pick a treat of course.
She chose this.

Do you remember these from back in the day? They are different plastic fruits and have candy sugar inside. Like pixy sticks!
She didn't get it so I poured some on my hand and showed her how to lick it off with her tongue. So then she was all digging it and took it back to try for herself. I let her be and continued to unload groceries and put them away.
5 minutes go by and this is what I see all over my rug in lines...

And here is what Ava is doing...

So glad she catches on quickly.
No, Ava. We don't pour powder in lines on the living room floor and then lick it up. That's not what mommy showed you.
Um, yeah. Should I be worried about her future????
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