Saturday, July 24, 2010

Flights and Fear, Day 1 of Vacation

We were up at 5:30am. Ava woke up at 6:00 asking to go to the ocean right away. Here I am looking less than attractive, in the bright early morning sun...smiling because we were no longer in heavy traffic!

My sister in law, Shauna, came along since Aaron was unable to join us on our vacation. Ironically, he was in Portland Oregon on business conference while we were going to Portland, Maine! The first plane ride went smooth. Many thanks to modern technology and Yo Gabba Gabba.

We stopped in Atlanta to connect to Portland Maine. That Airport is just crazy busy and hot! I now know why some say "Hotlanta". ;)

Ava was excited to eat some lunch and stretch her legs. We boarded our next flight and she slept all but 30 minutes. I can only hope for the same luck on our flights home!!
When we got to our destination, we met up with our friends Faye and Matt, and their little girl, who is a few weeks younger than Ava. Matt is 7 ft tall and the first thing Ava said was "daddy's voluptuous" as in Kiley's daddy is big. I about died laughing. You see, we had just told her two days prior that voluptuous means big.
The things these little ones remember and repeat are downright hilarious!!
We got to our "motel on the beach" and it was not your luxury beach condo by any means. It was more like "beach camp" as I called it. But that's just how it is in Maine. Easy going. Nothing fancy. Just a place to sleep and enjoy the mild temps and easy accessibilty to the beach.
We dropped off our luggage, and decided to grab a bite to eat across the street. Suddenly the sky turned black and the bottom fell out. As we walked into the deli, the manager yells "Everyone needs to get back to their hotels. We are closing because a tornado is heading this way."
I start to panic and run for my life back to our hotel. Meanwhile, Faye has Ava in her arms, running behind me. We get to our hotel room and the door won't open; we were still outside! And it's getting very very windy. I just knew we were in big trouble! Finally our door opens with a little elbow grease, we get inside, and we hear a very loud train coming right for us!
If you know anything about tornados, you know that if you hear what sounds like a train, to take cover immediately!
This is when I panic, and my sister in law belly flops to the floor. And she dives under the entire bed! Two seconds later....we hear a train horn. Ummm yeah. There was a train track 10 yards behind our hotel!
This incident took the edge off of our near death experience...or was it a near death experience at all? We'll never really know. As time passed, the storm rolled out and although a few neighboring towns did see a tornado, we were blessed to only have had the bejesus scared out of us and nothing more!
We finally settled on a slice of pizza from a nearby pizza stand and decided to call it a night!

*picture taken on flight #2
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