Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Great Day to be me!

I had such a wonderful 28th birthday! It really couldn't have been better. Well, maybe if it would have been sunshiney and not rainey. But that didn't really bother me either. There was too much fun to be had!
And, maybe if I would have made myself a "28" birthday shirt.
But I forgot. Maybe next year! ;)
Just in case I needed to say it...I'm just kidding.
My day started with breakfast in bed. Aaron and Ava brought me Kolaches, which are my absolute favorite breakfast food, and they sang to me. It was so sweet to hear Ava sing "Happy Buttday". I'm not trying to be cute. That's just how she says it. It is adorable!
We had plans to go to the children's museum with two of our friends, so we got ready for that, and before we left the doorbell rang.
It was the florist delivering a beautiful bouquet of flowers and I didn't get a picture of them.
Just take my word for it!
The florist knows Aaron by first name as he goes in there to pick out the arrangement and he was just in there for our Anniversary a few weeks ago. He told me he wanted to get me my favorite, hydrangeas, but he couldn't remember what they were called. The florist got out her chart and went through all these names and he said none of them sounded right. To hear him tell the story is hilarious, y'all! He said she mentioned names such as "star faller lillies, gerber babies, and baby breath, and why would you call a flower baby breath?" HA! I give him big points for the effort!
We made it to the museum and had a great time. I told Aaron he could join us girls, but he said he'd rather stay home and clean the messy house from our dinner party the night before. HA HA!! I didn't argue with that.
He secretly likes to clean house but he will never admit it! That wouldn't be portrayed as manly at all!
We had lots of fun at the museum with our friends Boston, Ella Reese, and Charlie.

At one point Ava got into a little cat fight with this other girl at the little pretend grocery store. This little chick had her cart filled to the brim with food, and there was really none on the shelves. So, Ava wanted some to play with, of course. She helped herself over to this girl's cart and reached in to get a piece of cheese.
Yea, that didn't go over so well.

That meanie pushed her away and yelled at her to go away. The momma bear in me wanted to yank her by the ear and tell her meanies don't make friends, but instead I asked her if I could have a piece of her cheese. She gladly gave it to me. I then gave the cheese directly to Ava and told that chick how much more fun it is to share.
But my teacher pep talk didn't help.
Ava continued attempting to steal her cheese.
And she continued to chew Ava out and get physical.
So, we went outside to play in the water with our buddies!

Little Charlie got soaked.
We had a fun time at the museum, but I prefer going when the kids are back in school and there is less of a crowd!
We followed that up with a lunch stop at one of my favorite soup/salad/bakery places and I didn't get any pictures because it was way past nap time and Ava was a royal toot-tail!
We came back home and rested up for our dinner outing later that night with some of my besties.
I chose Cheesecake Factory for dinner and the food is not really that good at all, but I was excited about the dessert. Birthdays are all about the dessert anyway, right??

Mindy and Amanda.

I love these girls! We been friends since middle and high school.

Avery, Mindy's daughter, and Ava.

Ava loved having a little person at dinner to entertain her. I loved it as well! It gave momma and daddy a break!!
I never got a picture of the entire table, and am leaving out some husbands.
My sweet man!

My gift from Aaron and Ava.

I was so excited to get a zoom lens!!! Let's hope I put it to good use!

Birthday cake time!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I was hoping to get to blow out a candle.
I'm silly like that.
But I like to make wishes.
My wish of blowing out a candle to make a wish came true! Now to see if my candle wish comes true...

Thanks for all of the sweet blog birthday wishes!! I hope you all are having a great weekend.
**Please take note that we will be on "vacation" from processing new orders beginning Monday. If you ordered/order anything before the 13th, it will still turn around within 2-3 weeks. After the 13th, new orders will be processed after August 1st. Thanks for understanding!
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