Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!

I hope this post finds you happy, healthy, and proud of the great country we are so blessed to call our own!
We have had such a great weekend, just the three of us!!
We started out the morning (super early. 8am. yes, that is super early in this house) going to the July 4th parade in our home town.
Ava was super pumped about going to the "mermaid". I had to tell her over and over that we were not going to see a mermaid. We were going to see a parade. Haha!

Do you like her "Red, White, and Bouy" outfit?
It was a SheShe Made exclusive. Haha!
I told Ava her dress had stars and bouys on it.
She walked out of her room all dressed and ready to go, went up to Aaron and said "Look dad, stars and boobies!"
Real nice.

Anyway, back to the parade.
Um, do ya think these two could possibly look more alike? And their serious look just cracks me UP!

Ava had so much fun sucking on lollipops and watching the kids drive by and throw candy/wave to her. It rained for a split second, but it didn't rain on our parade (literally, haha) for long!

Some parade highlights...

After the parade, we went home and chilled, made a spaghetti lunch complete with red, white, and blue serving dishes.

Real fancy, huh?!?! I digress. It was lunch.

She's on a salad kick lately.
As far as the mess?
Well, that's nothing new.

After lunch we cleaned up and went to the Cupcake Cottage to get some cupcakes to take to our friends' house for today. They are all red, white, and blue and flavored chocolate, red velvet, pink lemonade, and vanilla. YUM!

After nap, we were ready to party! We went to Lonestar Park to watch the horses race,

get our bounce/slide on,

(Yes, I need a photography lesson in manual focus settings)

to ride the ponies,

love on some goats,

(bless her heart. she needs a lesson on goat anatomy and where NOT to
put her hand)

sing in the rain,

and watch the most amazing firework display we have ever witnessed!

Sidenote: Ava made some friends while we were there. Shoot! The girl makes friends everywhere we go. These 3 siblings were fighting over holding her during the firework show. It was so sweet!

Happy Birthday, America! God Bless the USA!!
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