Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break

So this week is Spring Break for tons of people. Including my husband. Which means...we have lots of family things planned. And he has lots of "babysitting" to do. Sidenote: Anybody else get very irritated when dads think they "babysit" their own children. Haha! I know at least one person who will be commenting on that. Ha!
Ok, so really. It just means I get to stay up past 3 am and sleep in past 11am so that is GREAT GREAT GREAT!
March has been a crazy busy month for SheShe Made and I am SO SO SO SO SO blessed for all of my loyal customers that keep coming back for more, and for you all spreading the word about SheShe Made. I could cry and cry tears of joy for the way this adventure has fulfilled my life, my family, my dreams of being a stay at home mommy AND letting out creative energy.
Yes. I get very tired at times.
And I love the connection I get to make with people from all over who share my love in dressing their babes up in custom clothing.

In fact, I mailed 10 packages this morning. And I mailed 8 or 9 on Friday. I was so happy to send them off. So, if you ordered from us within the past week, good news. You are getting your package early. This doesn't mean everyone that ordered. But most. Sometimes I have to wait on supplies to ship to me first before I can begin orders... It's all a waiting game when it comes to custom, handmade items. BUT WORTH THE WAIT INDEED!

Ok, so here is what daddy and Ava have been up to so far this week...

And I will close with this....
Can anybody tell me what is wrong with this picture?!!??!


  1. I received the purple monogrammed shirt for my daughter today in the mail and it is SO CUTE! Of course, she's only 9 months (I'm saving it!) so it's a bit big, but I can't wait until she's big enough to wear it!

    Thank you so much!

  2. um theres a park bench on the playground equipment?

  3. http://purplebookbloggingmommy.blogspot.com/2010/03/hello-kitty.html

    Audrey was totally rocking one of your dresses this week! :)

    I also just ordered a new dress that I saw you shipped today. Thank you! Can't wait to get it for her first birthday pics coming up! :)

  4. Oh, and where did you get your daughter's little green shoes? Those are adorable! :) Erin

  5. Love the Happy Legs. So stinkin cute. :) Have fun in FB!

  6. Love all those outfits-the dress is too cute.
    Also, glad to hear that I don't have the only husband who thinks he's babysitting his own children-HA HA..What a joke :)


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