Thursday, March 11, 2010


ELMO SET IS $34.99 on ETSY
All will be added to the website soon!

So this month and next are full of birthdays. WOWZERS!! I have been making birthday outfits based solely on requests lately. And it's always so much fun for me to make something new. Like A LOT of fun! I am such a dork you guys.
Here's what we've got...
For all the Elmo lovers out there! Ava saw this and kissed and hugged it for about 10minutes. I think I need to make her one soon!

I am SOOOOO not a fan of characters of any type. I have always said my children would only get to wear characters on their underwear. But this I just might allow! I mean, it's monogrammed and all so it balances it out!

And this is a Mickey outfit for a little boy celebrating his birthday in Disney World.

The name could go underneath, but his mom didn't want a name on it.

Last, is a birthday outfit for an outdoor park birthday. Mom wanted it bright and springish looking. I decided to go with pink and green and I AM SO IN LOVE with the fabric combinations. I apologize about the dead grass. So classy, right?

We are in the process of making this in a dress with the double ruffles just like the pants! Can't wait!! And yes, it will be for Ava. Just in case you were wondering...


  1. Love the Elmo outfit. How much is it?

  2. Love your stuff so cute! You always give me such inspiration!!! Hope I am as good as you one day with my embroidery machine:) I am such a newbie lol...

  3. Elmo outfit is listed on my Etsy shop right now for $34.99.

  4. Hello I do not have a blog but have enjoyed looking at your stuff soo cute!! How much are the pants in this pic and what is the biggest size you can make? Thank You!!Dana

  5. Yep, I will be purchasing the dress done in the fabric of the last outfit....LOVE IT!!!! That is ADORABLE!!! Let me know when that one is in the works!!!!!

  6. So cute! I can't wait to see your next newest birthday creation :) I think I have the perfect girl to fulfill the job of wearing it on her birthday!

  7. Ashley, I am such a dork! I didn't even realize you had an etsy shop! I've just always looked at your website! I just went and added you to my favorites! I am loving that pink and green outfit!!

  8. Dana- The Mickey set is $35 and goes up to 4T.
    Rikki- I know I can't wait to see it. I'll post about it when it's made.
    Amber- Hers will be next!

  9. i love the last one! ADORABLE!!

  10. The picture does not even do justice to the vibrant colors on the double ruffle pants set!


  11. Thank you for the reply!!! but I forgot to say The pink and green ruffle pants are the ones I was asking about!! Although all your stuff is soooo cute..Thank you again Dana

  12. The Elmo outfit for my Bella is perfect! She and I both love it!

  13. How much is the bottom outfit, I LOVE it!!! My little Ava will be 3 the end of September and I'd love to have that outfit for her but in colors that will match her party. Whatever that may be, I haven't even thought about it yet!!


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