Saturday, March 13, 2010

2 Year Olds

So, this weekend I have been thinking about what to get this little cutie for her 2nd birthday.

She needs NOTHING that is for sure. I'd love to get her a swingset but we are trying to sell our house so we'd like to wait until we get settled into another home before we do that.
I'm wondering if any of you guys have any good suggestions. Those that have already done the 2 year old thing? Any big hits? Ava LOVES stuffed animals (I know. Boring.) and she loves music and dancing. She isn't a big babydoll fan though. She also loves to wear tutus and so maybe I should put together a dress up trunk. Although I just envision her using this as something else she can completely empty out its contents onto the floor,a nd then relocate all of its contents to another place in the house. That's another hobby of hers.

Anyway, please do share!


  1. I was just wondering what to get her too. I would make her a dress, but, oh wait, I've already done that about 50 times! Ha! I'm thinking it's gonna be a toy, so, sorry in advance. I will make you this promise, though--it won't be multi-pieced!


  2. I don't know if she has one already or not but when Autumn turned two one of the gifts we got her was a desk. She was all about coloring at that age so we thought it would be perfect. We got her various coloring books and activity books, markers and crayons as well. It was definitely a big hit, she still loves to sit at it while I am at my computer.

  3. Does she have an easel? I think the IKEA one is great for a creative little artist! All of my nieces/nephew got one for their 2nd birthday and there were always a hit! Plus, if you watch the sales etc. you can get great deals for paints, brushes, markers and all the other "fixings" for her to create!

  4. One of my kiddos turned 2 in January, and it has finally warmed up enough for him to ride this:
    TOTAL hit. He thinks he is so cool. He even grabs his sippy cup to take with him on his "car rides". (I sent you the link for the girl one, that's not the one I bought for my son.)
    My kiddos LOVE being outside though. I'm not sure about Ms. Ava. :)

  5. I'm not much help - my son got a basketball goal for his 2nd birthday. :) I think the suggestions you've gotten are great, though!


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