Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beach vacation part 1:cell phone pics

We went to the beach in Destin, Florida this past week and had an absolute blast! I have lots of pictures I want to share, but for starters (and until I upload my camera pics) I'll share what's on my phone.
Saturday morning, before our flight, we went to get donuts and pedis. I begged Aaron to go too and get his done. He laughed in my face. Boo!

Ava was scared at first by the sight of a man with a face mask on, putting lonnng curly nails on a lady. Haha! I can see where that would freak a little kid out a tad. In the end she loved her "teh-nails" as she calls them.

When we got to the airport Ava insisted on pulling the carryon. How big does she look?!?!

We ate dinner at Chili's to go in the terminal. I had my favorite buffalo chicken salad! This is Ava's favorite person besides me. Her "Auntie". She came with us!

Here is my excited girl, ready to fly! She has been on quite a few airplanes and she just loves to fly!!

Looking for the beach! Haha.

The next morning we hit the beach around 10am after sleeping in from our long travel day/nightmare of airlines losing both mine and Aaron's luggage. Luckily Ava's was a carryon. I was not about to chance losing her luggage! Her clothing is far more important!!
Anyhow, she was having a ball!!

We got all dressed up and went out to dinner each night. Here she is outside our condo. She smelled this flower each time she walked past it.

Me being silly in my new wardrobe, courtesy of American Airlines! No, I didn't wear the hat with the dress. That's my pool hat.

I found a TCBY!! Score!

Breakfast at The Donut Hole was a highlight of the trip. I loved that place as a kid and it was just as I recalled! Ava had fun stacking jelly and eating donuts!

And would you believe they had red velvet donuts?!?! Oh I need one now:(

The rest of the trip I forgot to use my phone. All I have are pics from our flight home...
Her teeth crack me up here! She was being silly.

Aaron and I were so sad to leave!!

And there you have a brief recap of our trip! Be prepared for more of this. I have lots more I want to share!


  1. Oh my gosh, Ava looks just like Manny in the picture where she's being silly...his teeth are always sticking out - ha! Looks like so much fun! :)

  2. Cute pictures!! Can't wait to see the rest. I am in desperate need of a beach trip ... guess it will have to wait a while though! =)


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