Saturday, June 25, 2011

21 weeks

How many weeks: 21!

Size of baby: Size of a large carrot

Weight Gain: 12 lbs
Maternity Clothes: yes please! I mostly wear dresses because it's just so much easier and I think it looks more slimming on me to wear dresses. And let's just face it; I need all the help I can get these days:)

Gender: it's a BOY! Judd Richard

Movement: Feels like a little fish in there! He is SO LOW and he loves to dance on my bladder. He is most active in the evening and early morning.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good. I get a little freaked out at this point because I wake up on my back a lot which is a no no. Just upped my pillows from 2 to 6 (ok maybe just 4) to stop all that though. So far it's helping! I wake up super early and then get sleepy each day around 1pm. I am exhausted every afternoon and fight off taking naps like it's my job!

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach and my memory. I am so forgetful these days!! The pregnancy brain is no joke and I'm sure all involved with me these days are less than happy about my absent mindedness. I also miss bending over with ease. Now it seems like I always have to make some loud sigh as I am struggling to get up and down. 
I'm also missing cooler weather. This triple digit heat is BAD!

Cravings: Anything that I don't cook and that's at a restaurant!
My cravings change alot, but the ones that remain are cottage cheese and watermelon, bagels and cream cheese, avacado, fruit (strawberries, peaches, pineapple, plums, bananas with peanut butter, and grapes) frozen yogurt, twizzlers, chocolate, cheese cubes with salted pecans/cashews/almonds, and handi snacks. I mean seriously? Those are the best!! Who can not appreciate a good old fashioned handi snack?
That list is growing rapidly. HA!!

Symptoms: Heartburn/Indigestion, headaches, and exhaustion. Starting to get a little back ache. Another weird symptom is I am allergic to my wedding band. Can't wear it at all.

Best Moment this Week: Making more fun things for Judd and Aaron feeling him move! ALSO, his bedding came in!!!!! I will share after his nursery is all put together.

Here are a few pieces of SheShe Made Judd has collected...

I mean really? Can a baby have too many name gowns? I don't think so! Especially this little one.


  1. This post is full of cuteness!! You and the gowns. Gosh!!!

  2. I love your gowns! I will need to order one for my little one on the way!

    Megan @

  3. You look absolutely adorable and I love the gown. So cute =)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Judd is going to be the best dressed little guy! These make me want a little boy!

  5. You are adorable and those gowns are SO CUTE! :-) I came across your blog randomly, it's so cute! I'm also pregnant, right at 22 weeks!!! I'm your newest follower...can't wait to read more pregnancy updates!!!


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