Sunday, June 12, 2011

19 weeks

I'm so behind on this. But here is my 19 week post anyway...

How many weeks: 19

Size of baby: Size of a large heirloom tomato

Weight Gain: 8 lbs (probably more like 20 after this weekend)

Maternity Clothes: yes please!

Gender: it's a BOY! Judd Richard

Movement: I finally felt a firm kick this past week!! Not just the bubbles and flutters anymore!

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good. I get a little freaked out at this point because I wake up on my back a lot which is a no no. Just upped my pillows from 2 to 6 (ok maybe just 4) to stop all that though. So far it's helping!

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach and my memory. I am so forgetful these days!! The pregnancy brain is no joke and I'm sure all involved with me these days are less than happy about my absent mindedness.
Or maybe they'd just say this is how I am when not pregnant too?!?!

Cravings: Anything that I don't cook and that's at a restaurant! Bad, expensive craving! I'm having a real aversion to any food that I cook and my husband is about to have a heart to heart with me about my money blowing on Wendy's, Olive Garden, Subway, Sonic, etc.

Also loving snow cones and frozen yogurt this week. I've gone to one or the other 6 times this week! (more ridiculous spending)

Symptoms: Heartburn/Indigestion and headaches. I'm trying to drink more water but need to try HARDER. I am not a drinker and my water intake stinks!

Best Moment this Week: Had my anatomy ultrasound so I got to see little Judd moving around and doing his sweet thing. Everything looked great! We will go back in 3 weeks for one more scan to get a better look at his heart though. Little stinker wasn't very cooperative in showing off his thumper.

Hope you all are having a blessed weekend!!


  1. You look so pics and in person!!!! So glad I finally got to meet you face to face! You crack me up with the eating out...I feel like that all the time and I am NOT pregnant!

  2. love the belly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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