Friday, June 17, 2011

20 weeks {halfway there}


How many weeks: 20! Judd is half baked. Haha!

Size of baby: Size of a banana

Weight Gain: 12 lbs (GULP!!) I've gained quite a bit this past week. Not surprised as we were out of town (always equals weight gain) and Ava had swim lessons around noon each day 40 minutes away. We had takeout every day for lunch! It better stay under 15 for at least the next 3 weeks and I will be happy!

Maternity Clothes: yes please!

Gender: it's a BOY! Judd Richard

Movement: Getting more pronounced each day. He is SO LOW and he loves to dance on my bladder.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good. I get a little freaked out at this point because I wake up on my back a lot which is a no no. Just upped my pillows from 2 to 6 (ok maybe just 4) to stop all that though. So far it's helping! I wake up super early and then get sleepy each day around 1pm. I am exhausted every afternoon and fight off taking naps like it's my job!

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach and my memory. I am so forgetful these days!! The pregnancy brain is no joke and I'm sure all involved with me these days are less than happy about my absent mindedness.
Or maybe they'd just say this is how I am when not pregnant too?!?!
I'm also missing cooler weather. This triple digit heat is BAD!

Cravings: Anything that I don't cook and that's at a restaurant! Bad, expensive craving! I'm having a real aversion to any food that I cook and my husband is about to have a heart to heart with me about my money blowing on Wendy's, Olive Garden, Subway, Sonic, etc.
Also loving watermelon and nuts this week! Something new every week I tell ya!
Still love burgers and chocolate (things I don't EVER want when not pregnant)

Symptoms: Heartburn/Indigestion, headaches, and exhaustion. I'm trying to drink more water but need to try HARDER. I am not a drinker and my water intake stinks!

Best Moment this Week: Listening to Judd's heartbeat on the doppler and Ava's eyes lighting up. She already loves her baby brother so much! Which is a big change from a few months ago. Also, this past week she has been coming to me each morning, lifting up my shirt or gown (yes I sometimes sleep in nightgowns!!! ha!) and says "Let me see your baby. I want to hear him too." She then puts her ear up to my belly and I ask her what she hears. She says each day "He's saying 'ga ga goo goo'." She is so funny.

Have a fun weekend and stay cool!


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