Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bowhead and The Beast

So, Ava has worn a bow on her head since she entered this world. I tell everyone her birthday suit was accessorized with a bow! That yes, she indeed came out that way. Honestly. No?
Anyway, so she has worn the bows. We did headbands until she pulled them off and wore them as necklaces. Then we did the baby bows from about 13-19 months since she was bald for FOREVER, and she insisted on ripping those out as well. She did it because she knew I wanted her to wear them and she felt "in control" of the situation.
I wonder where on earth she gets that?!?!?
And now that she has more hair, we can do a little of every size. I THOUGHT I'D NEVER SEE THE DAY. We are thisclose to pigtails! SO PUMPED.
Anyway, I am beyond thrilled because we reached the most important milestone of all time.....ya know, the days where she asks for a bow after I get her dressed?!!
Yes, that is the one!!
In fact, the other day she wanted me to put all 65+ bows on her head. I tried to explain that it was impossible. Ever reasoned with a 21 month old???
It doesn't go over so well. With some redirection, she settled for 6.

Girls are so fun! Sassy, but fun!
So.....I mentioned we had a new addition to our house. It was finally time to upgrade/add a new machine.
Without further ado, meet THE BEAST!

I have been needing this upgrade, but just couldn't stomach spending $7000-$9000 on something other than, I don't know, a car? Well, I guess cars cost more...but it's dang close!!! I got this from the nicest guy off Craigslist. He had it just for fun and so it is barely used and it's in perfect condition. It's only a year old, and most's my new best friend! {Self indulgence coming up}.....After seeing what it does, I CANNOT believe how much patience and devotion I had for the machine I used prior. WOW!!! How did I ever get that much done? This beast does two or three times faster what the other did, and it's just great! I am even now able to sometimes do two projects at once. I'm not letting old faithful go. Gotta utilize both machines as much as I can. AND BEST PART IS...My bedtime has changed from 3 AM to 12 or 1 AM. BLISS!
In fact, my dream is to have maybe a few more people working with me...and I might just have to pass this one down if push comes to shove. THAT'S MY DREAM! ;)
And so far, with the most incredible customers and the greatest, most supportive family and friends....I do believe my dream is unfolding right before my eyes!!!

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  1. That is awesome Ashley!!! You are such an inspiration and so is little miss bow head! HAHA! I loved that title! She's so cute!!! Can't wait to hear her new words next time we can get together!


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