Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Judd {5 months}

5 months, Judd. How in the world did that happen? You are almost half of a year old!

21.2 lbs
not sure on height?

You wear 9 months and 12 months in clothes. You can even wear some 18 months! You are a HAAS!! This month we introduced solids to you because milk just wasn't filling you up. You now eat two meals a day and take 4 6 oz bottles and an 8oz bottle at bedtime. Your favorite foods are sweet potatoes, green beans, and pears. You do not like oatmeal or bananas. I have noticed that you have a strong gag reflex.This should get interesting as you begin to eat more textured foods!

You still will not take a paci, and yes, I still try to offer it to you. You spit it out across the room and it is quite entertaining to do again and again and again. You don't suck on your fingers as much anymore either. You do chew on your fist from time to time, however. You have began soothing yourself to sleep by saying "ayyy ahhhh ayyyy ahhh"  outloud until it lulls you to sleep. It is just the SWEETEST sound ever.

Your sleep at the beginning of this month was not so fun! You woke up multiple times a night and would scream if I wasn't holding you. Eventually it got better and by the end of the month you were sleeping from 7:45-8:45 with one bottle at 6am. Your naps are really all over the place and you aren't on a great scedule during the day. It's just nearly impossible to keep you on a strict sleeping schedule with your sister's school schedule. I am learning to be flexible and not worry about it since you are sleeping through the night. I am also learning that the more flexible I am, the more flexible you are!
You got a TOOTH on March 27th! The right tooth on bottom. You also got an ear infection the same day. You are a trooper and barely complained!
Ava is becoming your favorite person this month. She walks into the room and you will squeal SO LOUD to get her attention. You laugh hysterically at her. I love to see you both interact.

Your nicknames are Judley, Juskey, Judster, and Jud Bud. You are so content and smile all day long. The only thing you aren't too fond of is your carseat. You are so ready to sit up and not slouch. It makes me sad because I can tell you are going to be the type of baby that wants to do things super early, which means you will grow up faster than I'd like. 

Everyone that meets you talks about your size first, and then your beautiful dark eyes and lashes and your dark complexion. I am your momma so of course I think you are the most beautiful baby on the planet, but you do get lots of compliments on your adorableness, so it must be true.

I love you sweet boy and have enjoyed your first 5 months of life.


  1. He is just SO CUTE! Happy 5 Months, Judd!

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