Monday, April 23, 2012

Ava's 4th birthday

My firstborn turned the big "4" last week and we had a very exciting time celebrating miss Ava J! She is so beyond loved by so many and we had a blast
this year as she totally gets birthdays and parties and blowing out candles, opneing presents, and themed parties. 
We started the celebrations on the Monday before her actual birthday, as dad took off work to spend the day putting together (with Steve) her present from NeeNee and Steve...a trampoline!! Mom and I did our part to keep Ava distracted from coming out back for the 4 hours it took the guys to assemble the trampoline. Ava had no clue what was going on! When it was finally ready we took her out back and she was in total disbelief. She couldn't believe there was her very own trampoline in her back yard!

On Tuesday it was her actual birthday. She had school that day so we opened presents and did a small cake and ate Rosa's for dinner. That was Ava's pick and Aaron nor I argued with her choice. Ha! She had a fun time and was super excited to get a princess scooter from us.


On Saturday we had her birthday party at a local bounce house place. This is the second year we have had it here and it's just super easy and Ava loves it. Win/win for us all! The theme this year was Strawberry Shortcake and so of course we had to make Ava her very own Strawberry Shortcake outfit. She was so proud of it. Sweet girl!

 Party favors. I got the strawberry baskets from Garnish.

 I decided to make the cupcakes this year as I am not a fan of store bought cupcakes and I wanted strawberry flavored ones. They turned out okay I must say. Think I may do this every year! So much cheaper and pretty easy.

 I can't believe we didn't get one single family picture on this day! Here is the only picture of me and the birthday girl. Stink!
Happy 4th birthday to the little love of my life, the apple of my eye! Love her to the moon and back!!  


  1. Such a CUTE party. And that outfit??? I DIE! I am in love. Great job. I am very disapoointed, however, there is no big bird yellow party outfit pic :). Wow! Can't believe shes 4. I have stalked you for way too long. ha!

  2. How is she 4?! Everything was sad we couldn't make it this year!!

  3. Awww I can't believe Knox will be 4 in just a month! I LOVE her outfit and those trampoline pics are making me miss ours... Bad.

  4. looks like a fun birthday week!! :) And I love the strawberry shortcake theme...that was my bedroom when I was little!!

    Love her outfit, you're so talented Ashely!

  5. such a sweet party! but i agree with Sarah, how on earth is she 4?!?

  6. such a cute party. love the baskets, adorable! i'm such a slacker! i still haven't gotten c's "real" party pics up. gah! and poor molly may never get a one year "stat" post.

  7. What a fun and cute party!! LOVE Ava's Strawberry Shortcake outfit!!

  8. SO FUN!! I love the cute party stuff! and that picture of both your babies...PRECIOUS!


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