Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bedtime prayers: Ava style

Ava has been on a roll lately. She has proven to her daddy and I what we thought all along: she marches to the beat of her own drum.
She has become so incredibly independent lately. She finally hit the stage where she won't let us dress her at all. She has to pick out her clothes, too! And let's just say its scary what that girl puts together.
Exhibit A...

She's also become fiercely imaginative. The way she plays with her dolls blows my mind. I was never so "out there" with my imagination. She wants us to play along with her but we never seem to play the way she wants us to. You see, she has everything all figured out in her head and she can't quite put it all into words and so it usually leads to frustration.
She also thinks she knows it all! This poses a problem and leads to many a tear. Daily!
Exhibit B...
I was saying her prayers (for her bc she hasn't wanted to say them lately?) and she kept crying and telling me I was saying it wrong. I was so confused because we say them the same way every night and have for years! She kept saying "you didn't say it right! you have to start over!" She was nearly hysterical because I was saying it all wrong. Finally I'm at my breaking point and say very sternly "I'm done. You aren't using your words and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong!" Then she says (while sobbing) "you're supposed to say it like they do on Christmas 'Bay-cation' where they are at the table."
Say what?!?!?! My child made Aaron and I say the pledge of allegiance for her bedtime prayer!

So there we stand, at the side of her bed, hands over our hearts, saying the pledge of allegiance in unison. All to appease our 3 year old drama queen.

I shutter in fear when I think of her teenage years.

Side note: please don't judge us for allowing our child to watch Christmas Vacation. The girl is obsessed with Christmas. She begged us and in a moment of weakness we obliged her.


  1. Oh my word...that CRACKED me up!!! I love it!!! I was that parents said they could never plaY "right" with me...I was always correcting them and telling them what to say!

    She sounds SUPER smart...and I taught Gifted and Talented kids. A great imagination like hers is a major sign of giftedness! Go Ava!!!

  2. HILARIOUS!!! I will have to tell Jeff. He LOVES Christmas Vacation. Think it's his favorite Christmas movie.

    Lydia is the same way with her imagination. She calls all of her dolls and stuffed animals her friends and she totally blows me away when she plays with them. Mom says I was the same way, but I think she's got me beat!!

  3. hahahahaha! The pledge is awesome! that is great..and I love Christmas Vacation! She is too cute!

  4. This reminds me of when my daughter was 2 1/2 to 3 ish, and she would ask us to draw pictures of what she wanted to draw. There would be great frustration when we didn't get it right! But by a few month later it was all behind us. Don't worry that it means anything especially dramatic for later years!

  5. Oh my goodness that is hilarious!!!!!

  6. Beyond hysterical!! Girl, you better hope she's not seeing too much of me and that's why she has such...interesting...choices of clothing. hehe

    Loved that she made you say the pledge and can totally picutre you and Aaron standing there saying it, trying not to laugh...

    good stuff

  7. Prayers should be treated with respect.
    Why do so many modern parents think it is ok and funny to let young children watch unsuitable films?.
    Too lazy to parent.

  8. That you would post such a thing leads me to believe one of the following:
    1. You are perfect. The perfect mom, the perfect wife, just plain perfect. It's too bad you posted as anonymous, because I'd sure like to see what perfection looks like.

    2. You don't know Ashley or Aaron AT ALL, beyond what she shares on this blog. And here's a newsflash--you can't really KNOW someone based solely on a few blog posts a week. Like all parents, they do the best they can, and they love the Lord. If you DO know them and copped out on leaving a nasty comment by posting as anonymous, that is even worse. True friends who think their friends could use guidance or advice do it with grace, love, and compassion.

    3. You missed that scripture that says, "Judge not, lest ye yourself be judged."

    4. You have no kids. Childless people are full of advice about what "good" parenting is. The truth is that as parents, we need to pick our battles, and fight the fights that are worth winning. An overtired and strong-willed 4 year old who is losing it because she wants to recite the Pledge at bedtime is better off catered to than given a lecture on the sanctity of prayer. And while "Christmas Vacation" may not be a toddler's movie, it is a decent family movie, very light on bad language and void of truly inappropriate content.

    You may not see my photo on this post, but that's becasue I don't have the time to troll the internet and keep up with people's lives on blogs, so I never bothered to set up a profile. I am not hiding, however. I am the same "Sheila" that you may occasionally read about on this blog, Ashley's business partner and friend. If you want to glance at what "Imperfect And Proud Of It" looks like, you can find me on facebook.


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