Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our weekend ( just a few days late)

We had a busy last weekend in our house! Fun, but busy! We started our Friday off by driving to Dallas and staying the night with Aaron's sister. I always love staying with her because we eat at Mi Cocina for dinner. It's my favorite mexican food ever!
Judd was up past his bedtime and we were off our normal routine but he was still so good. I always get nervous when my babies are off their schedule or away from home. It's definitely more stressful for me when they are infants (I am now realizing since I am on child #2). Anyway, he did great during the night too! He did wake up more than usual but went right back to sleep. Sweet baby!
Ava loves to visit "Auntie". She was super excited and on her best behavior. Doesn't she look happy? Love this girl!
On Saturday the girls went to see Disney's Princess on Ice while the boys stayed home and napped. Ava has been obsessed with princesses since she turned 2 and I just knew we needed to get tickets to this event. She had the best time!
Waiting to go inside the venue, wearing her Cinderella dress made by yours truly.

Please notice the necessary accessories. The crown, wand, and princess cell phone. This girl cracks me up with all of her flair!
Ready for the show to begin! I thought they did a great job with it and Ava was enthralled from beginning to end. We had a great time! Ava says her favorite part was the Cinderella act where the mean step sisters were dancing with the Prince at the ball and acting all silly. It was pretty funny, I have to agree! My favorite part was the Tangled act.
On Sunday we made our way to Forest Park for an Easter celebration with our friends. They had an egg hunt, lunch, and a visit from the Easter Bunny! Ava (as always) was so excited to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap. My girl LOVES anything in costume. It always makes us laugh.
She had fun hunting eggs and really "got" the concept this year! Her age is so fun because she fully understands and gets into the various holiday traditions. I'm enjoying reliving my childhood through her eyes:)
Judd didn't get to hunt eggs this year, so he just sat around looking cute. He is teething something fierce this week and you can tell in this picture!

I love the spring time and all that it brings! Hope you all have had a great week and Happy Easter!


  1. Ava is getting so big!! I LOVE Judd's cheeks. Have a great Easter!

  2. Beautiful family!! I hope y'all have a great Easter!!!

  3. Ahhh such sweet pictures!! Yall all look so GREAT!!!

  4. beautiful pictures! i had to laugh at the fact that Ava loves all things in costume. E is TERRIFIED of anything in costume. Like screams and runs the other way terrified. It's good times ;)

  5. Totally random: I just saw the comment that you left in response to the comments that some other women left about Sarah's baby shower and I just wanted to say...You are an awesome friend (:


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