Sunday, May 6, 2012

Judd {6 months}

6 months.
One half of a year.

22.2 lbs (98%)
27 inches (95%)
Size 3 diapers/cloth
You wear a size 12month or 18month.

You are eating solids three times a day. You eat fruit oatmeal for breakfast, a vegetable for lunch, and a vegetable and fruit for dinner. You take about 24-28 ounces of formula. You get so mad if I don't give you your own spoon when eating, so even though it drives me crazy because you get food everywhere, I do as you please and you hold one spoon (in your mouth) while I feed you with another. You take a bottle when you first wake up, go down for a nap at 10, take another nap around 1 or 2, and sometimes take a small nap around 5. Your naps can last 50 minutes or 2.5 hours. It really just depends with you.

You're in bed by 7:30 or 8:00 each night and sleep until 7am or sometimes even 8:30. The 8:30 wake up usually occurs if you wake up for a bottle at 6:00. I actually prefer this over the 7am wake up and haven't stopped you from this pattern because you can finish a bottle in 10 minutes, which means I'm back in bed very quickly and get to sleep later! Mommy loves her sleep and is very happy when her babies sleep until 8:00 or 8:30.
You still are swaddled in a miracle blanket and a summer swaddle, but those days are short lived as you are starting to roll over like a maniac. I'm having such a hard time staying consistent with transferring you 100% to the halo swaddle blanket with your arms out, because you do not sleep well at all.

You are almost sitting up but balance is hard for you. I imagine you will be sitting unassisted in a few weeks. We had to transfer you to the convertible carseat as you were just too heavy for the infant carrier and I *thought* you were uncomfortable in it since you seemed generally unhappy in the car. Well, I was wrong on that and you may even dislike your convertible seat more. (even though the below picture portrays the opposite) What am I going to do with you this summer when it's blazing hot and have to stick you in a carseat while you protest and get all worked up?

You have two bottom teeth now and I'm pretty sure you are already working on your top teeth. We have had some fussy days this past week and you are a drooling machine. You don't like to chew on toys to soothe. Nope, you prefer fingers. Anybody's. And this stresses your mommy out to see you grab any ol person that touches you and work to get their fingers in your mouth. Ick!

You are on your 4th ear infection but other than that and teething, you are still the happiest, jolliest little fella!! You grin when spoken to and will go to anyone. You get so excited when we pick Ava up from school, when daddy comes home from work, and when it's bath time. You also just started reaching for me (and me only) which melts me 100 times over.

Your favorite toys are the jumparoo and a stuffed panda of Ava's. You still aren't attached to a lovey and won't take a pacifier, but I'm sure once I get rid of the swaddle you will take to a lovey very quickly.

Look at how much you've grown in the past 6 months!! 

I simply cannot believe how fast the first half of your first year has flown by. Thank you for being such a flexible, lovable, joyful baby boy! As I always say to your daddy, "This is when the fun begins!" I look forward to watching you grow each day as you develop more into a little boy with things on your mind, places to go, adventures to see, and milestones I'm sure you are eager to meet. I love you my Judskey!

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  1. Hi! I clicked over from someone's elses blog and I just had to comment on this sweet baby boy. I had twin girls in August, so they are 9 1/2 months old now. 3 weeks ago while at the doc's office, Elissa weighed in at 22.4 lbs while Ellie was only 16.2. They were 1 lb different at birth, but becasue Ellie has always been smaller it makes Elissa look huge. I always love to see bigger babies because I know she is perfectly normal, but hearing everybody compare her to her tiny sister makes me nervous sometimes.

    Your sweet boy is just precious, and your daughter too. Thanks for sharing!


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