Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I am so behind on blog posts but did want to share some pics of our family in costume!

We dressed as characters from Ava's favorite show "Wo Gabba Gab" as she has called it since she was 1.
(Yo Gabba Gabba for those of you who have not yet discovered the wonderfulness that is this cartoon. HA!!)
Ava got plenty of wear out of her costume this year. I am so glad for that, even though it only cost me about $35 from head to toe (and that is good for me. I stink at bargaining) and the tunic and pants can be worn any day out of the year so that is a bonus!!

And just how is it possible for a 2 year old to already have this much attitude? It scares me sometimes.

She had a blast with all of the Halloween festivities the past two weeks. We enjoyed our fair share of parties, play groups, festivals, trunk or treats, trick or treats, Thriller dances, and much more. To say I am Halloweened out would most likely be an understatement.
But this little cutie REALLY got into it all tonight while trick or treating!

She LOVED going door to door. We went through a few streets in our neighborhood and the weather was PERFECT this evening!
She told us over and over "Thanks you mommy. Thanks you daddy." She was having the time of her life.

Aaron was a stickler about her not walking in people's grass, so she was walking so carefully on the sidewalks and paths.

(see her not stepping in the grass? ha!!)
She would say over and over "don't step in the grass" and she made sure to tell every person thanks you for candy.
My child may cop a serious 'tude from time to time (okay A LOT of the time) but I am so proud of her manners.
This picture just makes me giggle.

She was petting this man's ghost lights. Ha!! She was not afraid of ANYTHING this Halloween. In fact, she was totally intrigued by all the scary stuff. The girl has no fear. Whatsoever!
Inside a "haunted house" (it was a blowup one).

We hope you and your little goblins had a happy halloween as well!


  1. She is too cute. Love the costumes.

  2. Aw, great costume (and this comes from the Yo Gabba Gabba hater! haha), but I really think that you did a great job! I love how you two wore shirts to match as well! Ava is such a little beauty, her manners are amazing too!

  3. How adorable is she?! And all of you?! I love her 'tude pic, and the one where she looks so excited the best! Yay for good manners :) and good job on the costume!

  4. she is so cute! when I saw this on FB, I just figured she was a flower. you know I'm not down with the YGG! (not yet anyway!)

  5. Ava is the sweetest girl! I just love her sassy little self. She is JUST like Layla at this age :)

    Hayden was soooo NOT into the scary stuff...he would run and say "that house scary"

    Had fun with y'all yesterday!

  6. She is the cutest Foofa ever!! Love that sassy little girl! :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. LOVE Ava's costume!! And how awesome that she can wear it more than just for Halloween! =) She is such a little cutie!

  9. oh my goodness...I LOVE her costume! How adorable!!!!!

  10. Love all the photos! Love the costumes! Love y'all!

  11. y'all are the cutest family!! i think that's the first time i've seen a pic of your hubby. love how you all "matched!" :)

  12. That is the sweetest costume of the season. Im jealous i didnt think of it! :) Looks like you all had a great Halloween!

  13. I think you did a great job coordinating your costumes this year! Ava is so sweet and listens so well!! Do you have any advice how to get Madison to listen?! haha.

  14. You are gorgeous!!! Love the pics! Ava is adorable as usual! My favorite picture is the one of her being careful not to step on the grass. So sweet!!

  15. So cute!!! Where did you get it? The tunic and ruffle pants are adorable!!!

  16. Ok, I am SOO embarrassed!!! I totally remember you guys! First of, I was not being at all to give her an annoyed look we were just talking about how crazy it would be to have two kids walking around with those shoes. Second we all agreed what a good idea it was to have them in a crowd. and third you totally should have come up to us! I would have LOVED to meet you. BTW I think I might just be in LOVE with your store...and love what you are doing. I have a tutu business (sort of) and love to hear stories like yours. I hope that you keep reading my blog because I am adding you right now!

  17. LOVE the costume!!!! Absolutely adorable =) We got halloweened out 2, lol! Next season please =)


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