Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lime and Lilac Nursery

Today's room being featured on Kelly's Korner "Show Us Your Life" is Nursery/Children's Room. So I decided to play along since this is such a fun one for me.
Our house is nothing fancy at all and is basically a "starter home" for lack of better words to describe it. We had it built when we got married and although it has been great for us during the first few years of our life, we are ready to move into a home with a little more space and "character" as I like to say. Now if only it would sell...
Anyway, my favorite room in our home is definitely Ava's bedroom/nursery! I just love it and had so much fun decorating it. It's always the cleanest room in the house and I still like to go in there and just sit and admire how cute it is.

So, come on in to Ava's room...

Here is the view of her room from the hallway.

I love the black chandelier and silk curtains. It fancies it up a bit in my opinion.
The black furniture was what I wanted from the very beginning of my pregnancy. We got it from Babies R Us.
The cheetah chair was in our bedroom but I recently moved it in her room just because it made it go from "baby" to "girly" a bit for me. And because let's face it...we are lacking in the space department at the moment and it freed up some space elsewhere.

A friend and I painted those stripes on the wall and although they were a booger to do, I am proud of the way they turned out:) Painter's tape does wonders!!

Here is her crib. Yes, I know what you are thinking...haha! Let me explain.

The crib tent. It was the only way to go for us. Ava decided at about 15 months that staying in her crib was for the birds. We put her in a pack n play and oddly enough she couldn't climb out of that...for about a month. Then she figured out that manuever as well. So, I heard about the crib tent and it sounded horrible to me. But we were at a loss and I was NOT about to transition her into a toddler bed.
We call this her "Jerry Jones Dome". Haha! And she never has minded it at all.
We plan on keeping her caged up in this Dome for at least 5 more years.
I love the letters above her crib. Got them online somewhere and they match the paint on her walls perfectly!
Her bedding came from Pottery Barn.

Here is her dresser wall where we STILL use her changing pad. We don't do well with changes I guess. I'm so glad we got this rather than a changing table for this very reason!

And all of her bows. This is the perk of having a mom that makes bows I guess.

I added our baby (hospital) pics when I first decorated and intended on adding Ava's hospital picture as well. I still plan to get around to that. Haha!

Ava's closet. It's pretty ridiculous, I know.

The bottom cubbies have her puzzles, books, legos, and lincoln logs and she loves to go in there and play. I guess because it's a change of scenery at times?

I always leave a plastic tub on top of the cubbies shoved in her closet for clothes she grows out of. I love it because sometimes I will try something on her and all of a sudden it no longer fits. Instead of having a stash in some corner, I just add it to the tub. When it gets full I label the tub with the size range, put it up in the attic, and add another tub in its place. Voila! No hassel closet cleaning!!

Ava says thanks for visiting her room!

(taken today at the pumpkin patch)


  1. Her room is gorgeous! I do the same thing with the rubber tub for outgrown clothes. It works slick! :)

  2. Love the colors. And love, love, love all the bows.

  3. I LOVE Ava's room! I knew it would be cute! It's just as cute as her! I love the colors and all the details!

  4. Beautiful! The striped wall is awesome.

  5. So cute! I love it! and what a doll Ava is!!! LOVE that big orange bow in her hair at the pumpkin patch!!!

  6. I love the stripes, that is what I want to do in Hayden's room...come over and help be to it!!!!

    I just love her room, and it fits her little sassy cute self perfectly!

    I love the pumpkin patch pic!!

  7. Just adorable!! Of course she has a ton of clothes.. lucky girl. I LOVE LOVE the dress we got from you a few weeks ago. I'll have to send you a picture. I hope to order much more soon!

  8. wow, i absolutely LOVE this!!!! we got a changing table, and now i'm SO wishing that we would've gotten a dresser. boo. maybe i can talk the hubs into getting one soon. we sure need more drawer space!

  9. the girl has got some clothes! I love her dress in the last pic!

  10. Lauren has that same sign on Ava's door from in pink and green. My sister got it at that big crafty thing that's in DFW....The thing where you take carts, whatever it's called :) Love the colors you chose too! You'll feel better about Ava's closet after seeing Lauren's. Its ridiculous. I need to get my pictures up.

  11. I loooove it!!! Girl you outdid yourself!! That chandelier is fab and love the stripes of course. You're right - such a pain to paint but worth it in the long run! And the pic of Ava is presh!!

  12. very, very cute! What color is the lavender? My 3.5 year old wants us to paint her room purple and I love the color you used!

  13. I love it! It's so girly! What a lucky girl!

  14. I love her room and that is SUCH a good idea with the tub! I'm going to implement that today! I was up in our attic at 10.30 last night (and it's not easy to get to, it involved a step ladder and some precarious balancing!)getting boxes down ready to do the big switch over for the kids clothing but now I don't have to! You are a genius.

  15. Love the room colors ... I'm sooo over pink already .... the chandelier is soo cute and love the striped walls!

  16. I love love love her room!!! I have 2 boys and I just dream of having a girly room one day!!! I cracked up at your ball game post!!! I'm a people watcher too!;)

    Happy new follower!
    Take care!

  17. Aww, what a sweet room! Love the colors!

  18. Her room is adorable!!! :-)
    I love those colors together.. so cute!

    The bed tent cracked me up - I'm always afraid my son is gonna learn to get out of his crib..I never knew about those tents.. genius! ;-)


  19. Beautiful room! So colorful. My daughters' closets looks very similar. I need to get on that.

  20. Gorgeous room for a gorgeous girl. I almost had to go with the tent, too. Thankfully she never did climb out, but I was soooo ready to put it up.

  21. Love Ava's room! Always have :) P.S. I am totally stealing the tub idea, that is genius! Please tell me you haven't seen Boston's corner of his closet where I throw all of his outgrown clothes?! Embarrassing!


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