Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

I'm back! Wahoooo!
So I was gone all day Sunday and came home to wonderful computer had a virus. The husband was reading something on Drudge report and next the we knew, the computer was basically fried. We had to get a new hard drive and the whole nine yards. Would have been nice to have bought a new computer (and a laptop at that so I could actually get out from under this room that I'm always grounded to) but I had way too much data and programs on here that it just didn't make sense. Not at this time anyway.
Bad timing right when we are the busiest. We are at a 4 week turnaround, on top of trying to get all Christmas samples ready for our photoshoot this Friday...and the computer crashing was just NOT GOOD! See, I can't use my embroidery machine witout the computer. And I can't get onto Etsy efficiently. And I can't print labels from paypal. So everything came to a grinding hault, minus making bows.
But the computer was ready for pickup today and I am back in the saddle again!!
I feel like I just got both my arms back!
It's greatness.
So, let me catch you up to speed on our life (besides the crazy part).
Oh wait. It's all crazy!
Crazy with fun sprinkled in for sure!!
Friday Aaron came home from work at 9:45 with a numb mouth and completely groggy and out of it! He told me through some mumbles that he had 2 wisdom teeth removed.
Wha??? I had no idea he was even going to the dentist! He just called them and told them he had a $10 coupon for a "toothache" exam and they claimed he needed his wisdom teeth out immediately.
So that was all cool, excpet we had plans to go to the Ranger game that night. Ava's first. And they were having a fireworks show! Her favorite!!
He told me to go on without him and take a friend. So, we did. We had a great time, but were sad he couldn't join us. Baseball isn't the same if you don't really know what's going on and the one dude that does can't come with to explain the plays. Ha!
We got to the game and it was PACKED!!!
So weird for the Rangers. They usually stink and it's dead there. Not this night!
We stood in line for some of these yummy bites of heaven for 30 minutes or so...

Those are garlic fries! They were so tasty. But oh my goodness!! The price I paid the entire night after was not worth it. You can just imagine...

Ava was trying so hard to run away from me. Look at that onery face!! She was ready to watch some baseball!

Look at the awe in her eyes! She was amazed at the crowd. Haha!

Mommy and her girl, cheering on the Rangers.

And let me add that we got half way to the ballpark and I noticed somebody ripped out her bow. I was so mad!! It was all matchy matchy cute and ughhh that child!

Ava (who NEVER looks at the darn camera) and me with Mindy. Mindy came along for the fun and I am so glad she did! We had a blast with Mindy. She is always so fun!

Extreme closeup...

We had great seats at center field (insert sarcasm) but they were right next to the kids alley so that was great for Ava's sake.
Sitting in the cheapo seats means you are guaranteed to see some excitement right in your own section. No need to even watch the venue!
I mean check out the most impressive mowhawk we got to look at all night...

and would you catch a load of that view... least it was a crack free section and all.

Last, was this other chick. God bless her heart. She had tampons sticking out of her pocket and it just grossed me out. Can you spot them? I mean they aren't very discreet at all.

But she would yell and get realy fiesty when nothing was happening.
Check out this picture for proof...

Clearly there wasn't a lot going on. Just look at the bored guy above her. She must've seen something we all didn't.
I tell ya, it was very entertaining.

Ava booing when the other team got a run. Love how she cupped her mouth!!

As mentioned earlier, we really were going to see the firework show. And it was so worth the 11:30 bedtime!!
This girl can't get enough fireworks. Ever! She loves them more than anything!!

I love how she is sitting here.

It's so fun to experience all of these firsts with her! Now let's just hope these Rangers make our visit even that much more memorable by winning the World Series!!




  1. LOL. Okay, this post had me laughing out loud, for reals. The tampon pocket girl, grosses me out too. Ava looks very impressed by those fireworks!

  2. HOW FUN!!! Texas has got all kinds of hoodlums huh?! HA, just kidding! Ava looks so cute and so do you!! Love that picture of y'all! SO glad you are back!!

  3. What a fun night! Bummer your hubby couldn't join y'all! =( Looks like he missed out on some major fan excitement!

    LOVE Ava's shoes!! Wish they had them in my size! She looks like she is very focused on those fireworks!

  4. Okay seriously girl, you CRACK me up!! Why can't we live closer together?! I SOOO love people watching and taking those pictures would have been something I totally would do! You are hysterical. Looks like a great time, and Ava looks precious - even without her bow! :)

  5. I was pretty much laughing throughout this whole blog, but mostly about the part about it being a crazy packed house that night and that the Rangers suck. Um, girl, They are in the freaking playoffs to go to the world seris! You really needed Aaron there that night. LOL! Love the cute pics.
    Love ya!


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