Friday, January 13, 2012

Project 366 {week 1}

I am jumping on the project 365 bandwagon as I think it's an awesome idea and I take so many iPhone pics as it is. Usually the pics I take tell a story of something funny that took place. I will tweet it or Facebook it but rarely do I recall what went on in that picture 6 months later. So this is where I'm hopeful project 365 will help me!
I learned about displaying my pictures in the templates below from my talented friend Sarah. The girl seriously is a Jane of all trades!! If you'd like to learn too, go read her tutorial from today! Her blog is called Life {sweet} Life and it's on my blogroll to the left <-----. Sorry, I'm on my phone & can't link to her. Week One.


  1. YAY! So glad to see another person jumping on the picture wagon. I think you look great even without makeup :-) Cute kiddos!

  2. LOVE this! and i need to download that grinch app. (even though it's no where near cmas anymore). we have one that's similar with mickey mouse and libbi always takes her picture with mickey. she would love the grinch!


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