Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

Here it is 10 minutes until 2012 and I'm barely getting our Christmas post blogged. I'll make it quick with mostly just a bunch of pictures. They speak for themselves though, don't they?
We had a great Christmas and I feel like it came and went just a little too quickly. It was definitely a different one with just having Judd. I feel like Christmas shopping was so random and sporatic, I was exhausted much of the month of December, and it was hard to get out and spend much time with family and friends with a newborn. However, it was a very special Christmas in that this was our first Christmas in our new home and as a family of four. We made many great memories, started a few new traditions, and just really enjoyed being with eachother; just the four of us.
And? Christmas in the eyes of a 3 year old? It's just something I cannot explain. SO magical and joyous.
We went to Aaron's grandparent's house for Christmas Eve. We have been going there every year since we first started dating and we always have such a good time visiting with all of his family. That first Christmas there was only two babies. This Christmas there were 9. Here are some pictures from that night. Ava had a great time running around with her cousins. Mee Maw loved holding Judd. We ate way too much food, opened presents, and made our way home to prepare for Santa!
This above picture is my favorite picture of the entire month of December. I love that they are both looking at the camera, that Ava is actually smiling, and that they look so festive and matchy:) Makes this mama smile!!

                                                     Christmas Eve 

We got home and did our traditional Christmas Eve of opening one gift from eachother of matching pajamas. This year I waited until the last minute so we went with non-Christmas and not really matching as much as coordinating. The theme was gray. Ha! I'm really into gray lately and I found all but Judd's pjs in one quick Taget trip. I got Judd's online at Carters.

Here we are Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Santa was good to the kids this year. Judd's big gift was the Pottery Barn anywhere chair and Ava's big gift was a Disney fairies bike. They also got a "reading tepee" and some puzzles, books, and a few other small things.
Aaron got me a gym membership for the year. He actually got us a family membership which is just awesome because this gym has so much to offer, even an indoor water park for the kids!! That baby starts up on January 2nd. CANNOT WAIT to hit the elyptical. Yeay, operation lose this baby weight is ON!
Ava had so much fun opening presents this year. She really got into it and wanted to open everyone's gifts, little stinker!!

Our third Christmas was at my mom's house on Christmas afternoon. We went over and got our stockings, a tradition we still continue from when we lived at home, and opened presents. We also had a very yummy dinner of steaks, baked potatoes, and cherry pie. I also made a very tasty Pineapple Pretzel Salad. Thanks, Erin, for that recipe! I love the picture of my mom with her three grandchildren. And I especially love that Judd is crying. Ha! It's real life, huh?

I think Aaron's favorite gift was these pretty little babies. Redneck wine glasses. Have you ever seen such a thing? Mason jars on what looks like candle stick holders. Hilarious!! I think my mom bought these for him since he drinks cheap wine. Haha! He isn't a big drinker at all, and he doesn't drink liquor or beer so wine is his drink of choice. Only thing is? He prefers it to be cheap. And? He is not one bit ashamed about this. Love it!

What a wonderful 2011 it has been! Exactly a year ago on this very night I took my first Clomid pill, hoping to get pregnant with a second baby, and we were sitting around with my cousins talking about potential boy and girl names. It makes me smile to look at how blessed we were to welcome a sweet little baby boy into this world 10 months after that night.
(This picture makes me laugh so hard. Looks like Judd is wearing a hair piece.)

God's plan is perfect and his timing is better than any of us can ever imagine. I thank him daily for my life, my family, my friends, and all new blessings that come with each new day, each new year.
Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope this year is your best one YET!


  1. looks like yall had a great christmas and a very blessed year, hope 2012 is just as fantastic!

  2. Love all the sweet photos of your family, Ash!! Ava is your mini-me!!! :)

  3. I love Aaron's wine glasses...haha! They are perfect!

    I love the last picture of you and funny, and that color gray looks great on you!
    I am loving gray this year too.

    The family pj pic is priceless. You guys are super fun family!


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