Sunday, January 1, 2012

Judd {1 and 2 months}

I cannot even believe that it has been 2 months already that my sweet little man has been here with us. What a wild 2 months it has been. I feel horrible that I didn't blog about his 1 month stats and update but around that time it was so crazy. Let me catch you up.

 -At one month old you had just been through a whirl wind and your little body was recovering from a scary ordeal. When you turned 2 weeks old you started vomiting. I thought maybe you had a stomach bug and was watching you like crazy to see if you developed any kind of fever. You never did, but your vomiting did not let up. As we got to week 3 I thought you had major reflux. We visited the doctor several times in a week. We switched formulas, held you upright for an hour after each feeding, gave you smaller amounts of milk less often; we did it all. After tweeting with some moms on twitter I was informed about a condition called Pyloric Stenosis. I was also told to NOT google it as it would scare me, but to watch you closely and consider getting you an ultrasound if the vomiting got worse or more frequent. Well, the vomiting got worse and more frequent and I googled it. I read that PS is a birth defect that takes place in 4 out of 1000 white males and causes their pyloric muscle at the end of their stomach to enlarge, causing the food to be ejected from the stomach upwards and therefor not digest into the intestines. The only treatment? Surgery.
Needless to say, it eventually got to the point that you were throwing up every bottle, all of the bottle, and we took you in to get the ultrasound of your stomach. Within an hour it was determined that your sweet little tummy indeed needed surgery. You had Pyloric Stenosis. You were one of those 4 out of 1000. Lucky little guy. NOT.
What a scary night. I never thought I'd have a newborn who would need to have an IV, or need to be put under. I never thought I'd have a newborn having surgery at just 21 days of age. But, guess what? That surgery proved to be a success and you gained 3 pounds in the 2.5 weeks after your surgery.
-By the end of your first month you were up from 8.11 lbs to 11.4 lbs. You were back on regular newborn formula and continued to nurse before each feeding. You took about 3 oz of formula and 1 oz of breastmilk per feed.
-You smiled for the first time at 6 weeks and we noticed you had two little dimples at the top corners of your mouth. MELTS ME!
-You woke up twice a night most nights with an occasional once a night wake up or thrice a night wake up.
-You continued to grow and thrive, which was more than we could ask for!

-At two months you are weighing an impressive 12.14 lbs!! YOU LOVE TO EAT! Mommy and Daddy (and Dr. Halpenny too) are so proud of your growth since your setback.
-You wear a size 3month clothing and are very close to wearing 3-6 months
-You wear a size 1 diaper and love to blow-out at least one diaper a day
-You take about 5 or 6 ounces of formula every 3 hours and nurse in the morning, before your naps, and at bedtime. You are starting to be over nursing as you know it's much more work than a bottle. In fact, I am fairly sure we are done nursing this week. I thought today would be your last time, but I did notice you wanted to nurse before your nap this afternoon. It may be that you only nurse once a day for comfort, or that you give it up completely. Either way, I am going to be okay with it because I was never nursing you for nutrition, sadly. Mommy just doesn't make enough to provide.
-You love your swing the best and you HATE car rides. I have become SUCH the homebody since you were born mostly because I dread getting in the car with you. Thanks for helping me spend less money. Haha!
-You got RSV AND an ear infection in your right ear at 9 weeks old and are still recovering from it. Poor boy can't catch a break but I am certain you are a tough little guy and have already almost fought this virus off completely.
-You smile and coo so much and we just love you to pieces!!

-Whever you sneeze you always finish it off with a loud coo. Your sister and I laugh every time because it is the SWEETEST sound.
-Your favorite times of day are tummy time in the morning and bath time at night.
-You go to sleep every night at 9pm and wake around 2 or 3 for a bottle, and then again around 6. You are up for the day at 9am every morning. I am so happy you are on a routine and hope to improve the routine in the day with sceduled naps as you get a little older and I learn more about you and your needs.

One and two month comparison pics. Look how much you have grown and filled out! Wow!

We love you so so much little boy and we all are crazy about you! You have brought so much joy to all 3 of us and we don't really even remember what life was like without you. You fit perfectly into our family like a glove. We look forward to watching your little personality form and you grow into an ever sweeter (and chunkier) baby boy!

Happy two months, Judd Richard!


  1. He looks so much more mature in the 2 month picture! Oh he is just too cute. I want to squeeze him!

    I'm so glad your little man's tummy is all healed and I hope he kicks this RSV's hiney!

    Can't wait to see you soon!

  2. seriously, i'm not just saying this b/c i'm trying to be nice - ha! but judd is one of the cutest babies i've seen! he never had that weird "newborn" look. he just looks so smooth and babyish. presh!!!
    so glad he's chunkin' up and i know he'll be back to 100% soon!

  3. I have a 2 month old and hearing all the mess ya'll had to go through breaks my heart! I am so glad the problem is resolved and Judd is feeling much better!! :)

  4. poor Judd and poor mommy! What a rough start :( He is PRECIOUS! I hope he is 100% soon!

  5. He is beautiful and such a gift! Amazing how strong you find out you are when your baby needs you to be. XOXO

  6. He is so cute! I cant believe how much he grew/changed from 1-2 months!

    Love the new look!

  7. Oh Judd! What a sweet baby ... He is been through so much, but what a fighter!

    Hopefully I will be back in Texas at some point this year! Need to meet him and Miss Ava!!

    PS - Your new blog design is amazing! I love it!!! Jenn did a GREAT job!!


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