Thursday, October 27, 2011

39 weeks, and a letter to Judd

Today marks 39 weeks that I've been pregnant with my sweet unborn baby, Judd.

{Swollen much?}
But in reality, it feels like so much longer. Not only because let's face it, the last few weeks of a pregnancy are just rough, but because of the time spent trying, failing, and longing for a baby prior to conception.
We tried to get pregnant when Ava was about 18 months with no success. We took a break and started trying again shortly after that small break:) And finally after a few trying months and infertility meds, we were delighted to become pregnant with what would become our first son. Up until about 20 weeks I was still in disbelief that I was actually pregnant. Not sure why I was so skeptical and uneasy about it, but maybe it was because I had a feeling in the back of my mind that Ava would be our only child.
Funny how God has the plan all figured out.
Funny what happens when we let go and just trust Him.

On the eve before Judd's arrival, this sweet song from Rich Mullins comes to mind. We really are on the verge of a miracle. And I am so beyond excited to watch this miracle unfold!

Dear little Judd Richard,
As I anxiously await your arrival in less than 24 hours, so much is going through my head. What will you look like, what your first cry will sound like, will you be an alert little fellow or a sleepy one? Will you have your daddy's dimples and your mom's dark hair or will you look just like your big sister...
But it's also a bittersweet feeling to know that I will not feel your kicks and rolls and your sweet little booty poking out of my belly any more. I won't ever get this time back where we share this unique once upon a time bond, just you and mommy. I will surely miss this! And as silly as it is, I do worry/hope you are just as happy, warm, and comfortable here in what will be your new world, outside of my womb.
I am so excited to begin this new life as a family of four. So is your daddy and your sister! We have prayed for you for a very long time and I am just tickled to call you, Judd, my son. While I am so scared to raise a boy, mostly because it is such uncharted territory, I know that God has so much in store and will bless me beyond my wildest dreams.
I love you, sweet baby boy!

Thank you all for the prayers for me and this baby! We should see his sweet face sometime tomorrow around lunch time. We will keep you updated!


  1. Prayers for you and your sweet son! What a beautiful letter.

  2. I love this letter. Oh my gosh tears are streaming down my face right now.

    I love you and your family! I can't wait to meet your sweet boy. I know you and Aaron will be wonderful parents to a baby boy and Ava will be an amazing big sister!

    I'm so excited. The next time I see you y'all will be a family of four!!!!!!!


  3. Praying for you and your sweet new addition!!! :-) can't wait to see pictures of sweet Judd!!! Your letter is so sweet and I'm feeling all of those emotions right now as well!!! It made me tear up!!! I'm 39 weeks as well and have an induction scheduled for Monday if she doesn't come before then!!!

  4. i guess you can't say you didn't warn me....
    i'm boo-hooing like judd is MY first son. ha!
    thinking of you and praying big for tomorrow. can't wait to see his handsome face!!!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness Ashley, this letter made me cry. This is exactly how I felt before my little boy arrived. All these sleepless nights I've had since he was born, sometimes u get into a mindless routine and forget what a precious miracle each day is with your sweet baby. Also how much I will miss the bond we had when he was in my belly..... Something no one will ever have with your baby but u.
    I'm so excited for you, I wish I could be there. I was thinking the other day how much fun I always had with u and your mom. They r childhood memories I will never forget. I hope we can get together soon. Love ya girl.
    Love, Allie

  6. Will keep you in my prayers tomorrow! Can't wait to see Judd and Big Sister Ava! Good luck :)

  7. Such a lovely letter to Judd! Can't wait to see pictures tomorrow. Will be thinking of you, Aaron, Ava & Judd!!

  8. Sweet letter to Judd! So happy for y'all! :)


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