Saturday, November 20, 2010

A day of firsts

Yesterday was a day of firsts for Ava.
We went to a new park that was lots of fun. There were see saws, merrry go rounds, swings, and two different playground structures.
Ava had a blast running from structure to structure.
We were about to leave and she wanted to swing.
Not in the baby swing.
But in the big kid swing.
Let me back the truck up and tell you about Ava and swings...
She loves to run in front of swinging kids.
Never even thinks about them knocking her over! I have to go in for the swift grab and duck maneuver almost every time. I always say I'm just gonna have to let her get the poop knocked out of her one time for her to understand.
Well, same goes for her wanting to get out of swings when she is swinging.
She is SO SO SO SO ADHD. She wants to get in a swing and get out of it just as fast as she got in.
Not because she doesn't like it, but because she gets bored with it 2.6 seconds after the initial push.
Well, I put her in the big kid swing, and she said "I done mommy. I get wout."
I don't even finish my sentence of "Hold on Mommy needs to stop" before she leaps out of the swing.
Face plant right in the gravel!
Blood everywhere. Rocks everywhere around her mouth and chin.
It was not a pretty sight.
I just knew she had swallowed a rock or chipped a tooth as well.
Nope, just a busted lip and cut up chin.

It was her first bad accident, and I'm actually surprised it took this long. Haha!
Poor baby was very sad.
And mommy is very sad she looks so banged up.

Her other first was not so dramatic. Getting a haircut!
Britni came over to cut her hair in the comfort of home. Britni used to cut hair so I was confident she would do a great job and Ava would be easier to wrangle being at home and all.

a straggly mess!



The main reason I kept putting off a haircut was because I was worried that the curls would be all gone. But they were still there and even curlier!!

This makes me think-wait- I haven't seen that envelope laying around!!
My husband threw away that envelope with her curls in it. Gotta go dig through the trash. Be back later!


  1. oh my goodness, she is so cute. banged up and all. :)

  2. Poor girl!! =( Glad that she is okay!

    Love her new haircut! Such a cutie! We are going to get Lydia's cut the week after Thanksgiving! Hoping to get her mess under control! Can't wait to see if her curls disappear or stay! Really want them to stay ... so we'll see!

  3. Her sad little scratched up face makes me so sad!!! But her hair is too cute! Love her curls! She is such a doll!

  4. Poor baby with the beat up face :( Love the haircut!!

  5. poor baby girl!!! I hate that :( SHe still looks precious and i love those sweet curls!

  6. OH NO, i hope you found the envelope! i totally understand... i get all sentimental too, and my hubby things i'm rediculous. :) poor ava and her lips! :( bless her heart...

  7. Oh no! I hate that she got hurt and I am crossing my fingers that you found the envelope!


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