Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ava is such an unfortunate child.
She never gets to have any fun at all!
Poor girl went to two parks last week. An outdoor park and an indoor park. All within 24 hours in fact.
On Wednesday, after music class (poor girl, again) I took her to Tillery Park and it was a pretty cool place! Minus the fact that it wasn't cool in temperature at all.

She had such a fun time climbing the ropes and such. She would look at me and say "Wook Mommy. I doooooooo it all by myself!"

I made her nice and dizzy on this piece of equipment I cannot think of what it is called at the moment. Merry go round??

We also did a little swinging before we melted.

(I love those cheeks of hers!)

On Thursday we went to an indoor park, The Safari Park, with Angie and Hayden.

Angie and I rode the train that went around in a very SMALL circle, and got rather "train sick". The lady that was running the train ride was asking about animals and what sounds they made. She was naming all the safari animals, respectively. Then, she was all "What sound does a puppy dog make?" Ummmm, I could be very wrong, but last I checked a puppy dog didn't live in the safari. Maybe she is more informed than I...
We hopped off the tiny train and went to ride the mechanical elephant and mechanical zebra.

Let me rephrase that. Ava and Hayden rode the mechanical safari animals! Haha! They were cute, and I little creepy at the same time!
Hayden wasn't as big of a fan as Ava.
They also had a little playground area with a slide and germy little ball pit like back in the days at Chuck E Cheeses!

As soon as they got in there Ava's nose started to run. Coincidence? Not sure! Haha.
They did a little jumping on this fun little trampoline. I love it!

Don't you like how serious they look? Lighten up, kids!
There was also a mini putt putt golf area in this place, along with a ton of train tables and doll houses filled with...you guessed it! Trains and dolls!
It was pretty cool. Minus the creepy mechanical animals. Haha!
We met my mom for lunch afterwards at California Pizza Kitchen. I LOVE that place!!
My unfortunate child playing with her puzzle I bought her at the Safari Park. There was also a toy store inside! Lots of great educational toys.

And although I HATE this picture of me, I have to share. This is what Ava does when she wants something to go her way. She comes up and wraps her arm around our neck, and then asks in the most CHARMING fashion you have EVER HEARD!

It kills me every time! She knows how to charm. JUST LIKE HER FATHER!!!!


  1. Awwww....I love the picture of you and Ava...she is such a sweetie. The picture of her on the swing is too cute.

    Ummm...what is the deal with my posture? It seriously looks like I forgot to wear my bra...ha! I can't stop laughing!

    You got some great pics of the munchkins...I posted some on Facebook.

  2. That picture of you 2 is PRECIOUS!! Looks like a fun time. Sweet girl!! Want to squeeze those cheeks. :)

  3. Love the photo of you and Ava! So sweet!!

  4. I love this post. She is so darn cute. I would blow up that last pic to an enormously huge size and frame it. SO beautiful!

  5. I am loving this post!! So fun!! I want to jump in that germy ball pit! :) The kiddos look so cute playing together and I am chlostrophobic SP? and would have gotten sick on that train too! That last picture of you and Ava is precious!! Love it!! You are beautiful!

  6. ava looks adorable in that first picture! i love it!

    and you look great as well. no hating on yourself!

  7. How fun!! Ava has the sweetest cheeks ... Love it! =) I think the same thing when I see a ball pit (or the playground @ Chick-Fil-A! Ugh ... GERMS! Feel like a bad parent for being paranoid about those things!

    Love the last picture! Isn't it amazing how early they learn how to get what they want out of us?!?


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