Thursday, September 16, 2010

My little bookworm

A while back I purchase a flip video because I got a really great deal on it. Altough there were some issues when it came to me partially broken, I managed to fix it myself and this week I recorded the first video with it. I was excited because Ava had no idea I was recording her. Had she known, she would have been defiant and not shown her true little cute Ava self! Check it out... And sorry about my Valium-induced voice. Well, actually I hadn't taken any Valium. Just sounds that way...


  1. Ummm...she is ADORABLE! It is so obvious she is just FULL of personality. Love it!!!

  2. She is ADORABLE, Ashley!! My favorite part is the page with the spider on it! LOVE IT! I was watching it and Lydia came over and loved watching it with me! She kept saying "Ava read!"! She's a cutie!

  3. haha!What a smart girl! Loved your cat comment!!

  4. Oh I love hearing her read and in cute voice! Our girls would be fast friends. :)

  5. She is so smart! What a cutie, and yes, your voice isn't quite a chipper as usual...ha!

    Love this video!!!

    And you said you were bad a are not...this is great :)

  6. Did you get a message while recording? LOL.
    She is SO precious. I love her description of what you do when you see a spider. Adorable!!

  7. OH MY GOSH!!! She is too cute!! You need to keep this forever. My mom video taped me one morning at breakfast when I was 2 or 3 and we STILL watch it. What a great memory!

    P.S. I agree! Cats are stinky!

  8. Ava is getting so big! I can't believe how well she is talking! My favorite part was when she made the horsey sound... Neighhhhh!!! ♥ She's so stinkin cute!

  9. She is a genius, and a stinkin cute one at that! Love it!!

  10. Nice sheep noises Ash!! :) Love this little sweet thing, she is too precious and her Mollie Kate are so much alike!! They way they talk and how they word things, they could be sisters!! Love this video!!


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