Friday, June 11, 2010

Where did we go???

Here are just a few of the reasons I have been a bad blogger lately...

We are almost sold out of the June special spaghetti strap dress! Only 2 more sizes of 2 left, and 4 more of the size 4 left.

Also, I am thinking about taking a break for the month of July. I hope Sheila is in on this plan, as I have yet to talk it over with her. But I have a feeling she will be, as she is a mom to FIVE kids and it's summer vacation and I can just imagine her house and family need her a tad more than usual. Ha! Family comes first and this is why we chose this journey to endeavor, and although the site will remain open, we will close down etsy and not take any custom orders during the month. So, if you are looking for a custom made birthday outfit, and need it during July or beginning of August, I'd get your order in soon.
At the moment, our turnaround time has gone from 1-2 weeks to 3-4 weeks. We are so beyond blessed for the business and hope our customers understand that production time is just a taking a little longer than it used to.
We have both worked super hard this week, in between taking our babies to swim lessons. Pictures of that to come soon.
Until then, I have a 10 year reunion tomorrow night that I have to go prepare for. Eeeek! Reunions stress me out because in my mind I feel like people only go to these things to see who got fat and ugly. I mean, come on? Am I wrong? At least I am only about 10 pounds heavier than high school.

Surely my tan will hide those 10 pounds.
After all, my motto in life is "If you can't lose it, tan it."

I got my first spray tan, and I am still trying to decide if I look sunkissed or Jackolantern ambushed. It's a toss up. I'll let you all decide...

I woke Aaron up from a nap to take this picture and it is such a bad angle and I look 5 months pregnant but oh well. I didn't want to make him take another since he was sleeping, afterall. He barely even got my legs to give you the full picture.

Hope you are doing well! Enjoy your weekend and yes, I will be adding all of these pictured items to the website SOON SOON SOON!
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