Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hey there cupcake!

I have had a craving for cupcakes lately. I guess the craving officially started back on July 9, 1982. That's the blessed day I came out of my mother's womb.
Always been a cupcake fan.
Well, always been a cake fan. Not so much chocolate. But vanilla, strawberry, anything fruity or creamy. But not really chocolate.
Anyway, I have been dying to try out this local cupcake shop in Funky town called The Cupcake Cottage.

This little place is owned by a husband and wife who wake every morning at 4am and bake flavors of the day until about 10am when they open up shop. They stay open from 10am until the last cupcake sells. They alternate with about 5 flavors of the day, ranging from Chai and Key Lime, to Red Velvet and German Chocolate.
I had been checking their website from time to time to go on a day when I wanted to try a specific flavor. And I knew I needed to get there a little early to get what I wanted.
So, we made a day of fun things last Friday, one of which involved stopping at The Cupcake Cottage!

Aaron called ahead and had them put aside some cupcakes just in case we didn't get to sample ALL the flavors from that day! haha!
Here is the box of cupcakes that were waiting for us to pick up!

The flavors you are eyeing are confetti, cookies and cream, and pink lemonade. YUMM!
While we were there we decided to go ahead and order a peach one to eat in the shop. Y'ALL! It was made from fresh local peaches!!
Did I tell you they make all of their cupcakes with fresh ingredients and fresh fruit is chopped and inside every fruit flavored cupcake?!?!
Look at the peaches inside...

Play by play of my little ragdoll (her bow was left in the car and she is working the Tim Urban/Justin Bieber hairdo) enjoying her first cupcake.
Notice I said FIRST...

And here's my cupcake. Forgive the freckled dork in the picture.

It really was a yummy cupcake.

Until someone came over and snatched it out of my hands and then it became her SECOND cupcake of the day.

In the words of some lame McDonald's commercial...She knows what good is.

We had a great time experiencing The Cupcake Cottage and I can't wait to go back and try the Pina Colada AND strawberry cupcakes. I will be watching the website like a hawk for those two to appear!

Cupcakes = A little slice of heaven!
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