Wednesday, June 16, 2010

10 year Reunion and Father's Day Prep

So, my reunion was fun! I was so anxious about going because I hadn't seen ANYBODY (well, with the exception of 2 people) since high school. Tell ya anything??
Here is a confusing math problem for you...
I was very close with about 10 people in high school. We did EVERYTHING together. All but 3 of those 10 people were in different grades than me. And out of those 3 that were in my grade, 2 were boys. Boys don't come to reunions as much as chicks it appears. Anyway, so I went with the remaining 1 that was in my circle of friends.
Here is Mindy and I at the reunion.

Mindy stayed in touch with the group of girls that I occasionally hung out with "back in tha day" in our grade. We met up with them beforehand, got ready in a hotel together, and ended up having tons of fun the entire night! It was so good to see everyone, although there were a handful of people that I really wanted to see. And yup, they didn't come :(. It was good to catch up and we agreed we need to have yearly reunions! So fun!!

We have this new pottery painting place in our town that I have been wanting to check out so bad. So, in preparation for Father's Day, we decided it was a perfect time to check it out! We needed to make daddy a gift from Ava.

One of my very best friends, Amy, and her 2 month old baby girl, Avery. Aren't they both beautiful?

Sweet Beckham waiting patiently to paint.

Because, in case you didn't notice in the first picture, my sweet Ava was standing in the chair, and would not sit still for more than about 10 seconds. And the place only had one high chair.
At what age do they sit still for more than 10 seconds?????
Anyway...back on topic.
Play by play of the hand painting.

We're also getting daddy a new grill since the one we have catches fire. Not exactly a good thing.
Wait, I guess it is a good thing for grills to catch fire.
But its not a good thing for grills to shoot high flames upon ignition.
My guess is that it's a simple problem that could be fixed. But neither of us are what you'd call the handy type.
But I will save all that for another post.

Off to get ready for another fun day. We're having a few friends over to make little dirt cakes for the kids and then I'll be knocking out more orders during nap time!
It's been a productive week.
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