Sunday, February 28, 2010

Party Ideas WANTED!!

Ok, so I need a little help from you wonderful bloggy buddies!
I am having a farm animal themed party for Ava's 2nd birthday this year.
It is weird.
I'm still in denial.
But warming up.
To the fact.
That she is not a baby dolls and purses.
Kinda girl.

Anyway, I have a petting zoo and pony all lined up. Of course her outfit is 80% complete! I have the cake and cupcakes all figured out. I think I am going with an Etsy shop for invites.
But what cute ideas do you all have for decorating (at a park pavilion) and party favors? What about food? I'd like it to all relate with farm animals.
You know?
Like serving pork rinds as a snack?
And goats milk as a drink?

HA HA HA! Not really.

Give me some ideas...and I'll give you some pics of SPRING CLOTHING!!! Yes, it is finally done! The photoshoot was today and as soon as the fabulous photographer gets the photos edited and to me...I will upload them to here before I ever put them on the site.

In the mean time...did anybody notice the few new items added to Etsy and the Website?? They've been popping up slowly the past few weeks!!


  1. You could have "pigs in a blanket" and keep juice boxes or chocolate yoo-hoos iced down in a big metal wash tub.

  2. We had a barnyard theme for my oldest's first birthday on my mother-in-law's farm.
    Great minds think alike, Ashley!! :)

    Food: Pigs in a blanket are a cute idea.
    I think any BBQ foods and corn on the cob (for adults obviously) is good.

    Goody Bags: Animal cookies for sure. Also, burn a CD for each child with Toddler Animal Tunes on it. Animal stickers.

    Games: Toy animal search in a stack of hay. Put some hay in a few wagons and have hayrides.

    Decorations: Pink bandanas for a girly twist. You could wrap eating utensils with a bandana and string, and they could serve as napkins.
    You could also use stuffed animals (cow, pig, sheep, etc.) as centerpieces for tables and tie helium/mylar animal balloons around them.
    Banner that says "Welcome to Ava's Barn" or something like that.
    Lots of hay.

    If you need a cake/cupcake person, let me know. I have a good one. :)

    Good luck!


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