Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you are having a nice Valentine's Weekend/Day. Whether it be just curling up with a good book, going to a movie, spending time with family, friends, OR just doing nothing.
I had a wonderful Valentine's 4 day eztravaganza. My creative man really outdid himself this year. I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't like he spent a fortune on jewelry, took out a loan on a new car, nor did he break the bank with a five star was better! He actually did this one all on his own and I was very impressed with his cleverness! Let me explain.
It started on Thursday with a little envelope on the bar. It looked like this...

The note was all a mystery. Until he showed up at the front door an hour later with the chocolate covered strawberries. He had purchased them at a local bakery and they were YUMM-O!
Then there was this sitting on the bar on Friday.

It was the note minus the flowers. So I had to guess what it was referring to until later that afternoon when the doorbell rang and that beautiful bouquet of pink, red, and white roses were delivered.
And as Saturday rolled around, another note came and it was referring to him cooking dinner.

But plans changed and his siter ended up coming into town so he just ordered pizza instead. He also made salad and turtle brownies. Which is fabulous because like his note implied, he is not a cook. HA!
And for today, the final note was left with a sweet card.

We went to eat brunch at Mac's. which is a favorite of mine. We don't go often, so it was a real treat!
Me with my littlest Valentine. She has a very RANDOM carpet burn on her nose. I don't even know what happened but it had to occur in the night because it wasn't there when we put her down to sleep. ODD!

Ava would NOT look at the camera again. So surprise there. She was too busy staring at an old man that was giving her smiles. She is such a mess.

He did such a great job and included a little of my favorites in all of his creative ideas. I love thoughtful gifts such as these and I told him that now I really have to put on my A-Game for next year's Valentines for him!

Ok, so I had plans with four little models and a professional photographer to photograph all 8+ spring/summer outfits tomorrow and guess what?!?!?! It's gonna be 40 degrees with a windchill of 30mph!!! Do you think it would still be okay to do it with babes in sleeveless dresses and shorts and skirts? Um I think not. So...please be patient. I PROMISE these are worth the wait.

Peasant dresses
Black and White Damask and raspberry zebra
Seersucker Bunnies
Bunny bloomers
Sailor boy and girl matching outfits
Pink eyelet
Flip flops and beach balls


  1. that is an awesome carpet burn :)

  2. Can't wait to see the pink eyelet and you better stop with the boy clothes or I'll have to have me one of those. Boy/girl sailor outfits!!! OMG!! We could be the Von Trapps!!


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